Northwest Registered Agent Vs Rocket Lawyer : Which one should you pick?

When it comes to incorporating your business, enlisting the help of an incorporation service can make the process easier and more convenient. Two of the most popular services in this industry are Northwest Registered Agent and Rocket Lawyer.

Both are excellent options, but it can be tricky to choose between them, especially if you’re unclear about which one is the best for your needs.

With that said, you’ll find in this article a comparison between these two service providers, including details like their features, prices, customer service, and more. Hopefully, this information can help you decide on which service to avail of for your business.


Northwest Registered Agent’s Official Website


Northwest Registered Agent vs. Rocket Lawyer:

Summary of Comparison

Check out in the table below the summary of each service’s main points, such as their overall score, starting prices, and unique selling points.


Service Provider Overall Score Price

(Starts at)

Selling Points
Northwest Registered Agent 4.7/5 $125
  • Affordable Renewal Package
  • Accelerated Service Available
  • 1 Year Basic Package with Registered Agent Service
Rocket Lawyer 4.6/5 $99.99
  • Access to Legal Resources
  • Strong Customer Reviews
  • Decent Price and Affordable Value


The five key points that will be explained in detail below can help determine which service best fits you and your ideals. Although both services do have their advantages and disadvantages, either can be a good match for your LLC and corporation.

  1. The overall pricing, feature, and service of both services.
  2. The company’s track record, along with its reputation and experience.
  3. The quality of the customer service for both companies.
  4. Order process and ease of usage for both services.
  5. The speed of formation for each service.


Overall Pricing and Additional Features

  • Northwest Registered Agent


Northwest Registered Agent is known for being one of the top incorporation services. However, their basic package price reaches up to $225 plus the state filing fee. 

This package’s features include LLC formation, a full-year service of a registered agent, fast LLC filing, operating agreement, name availability search, and the necessary preparation and filing of your organization’s articles.

Suppose you are quite satisfied with the Northwest Registered Agent’s service and decided to renew your premium subscription. In that case, you will only be needing to pay $125 per following year upon renewal.


  • Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer is another excellent option for incorporation services. It offers a service plan that costs a total of $99.99 plus the state filing fee. However, the package only includes business and LLC formation and consultation and will last for a year. 

You will have to add $39.99 monthly or $149.99 annually if you want to avail of the registered agent’s service. They have a trial period of free business formation service for new subscribers and a discounted plan for their past customers. 

During the trial period, you will be provided with a representative that can initially help you with the business formation. 

With the $39.99 fee, other features such as document defense, online Q&A, phone sessions with a lawyer, and creating custom legal forms are included. If you have availed of their registered agent’s service, you can expect a 25 percent off for your next subscription.

Rocket Lawyer’s Official Website


  • Recommended

Although Rocket Lawyer offers their clients affordable packages that can fit their needs, Northwest Registered Agent still has the advantage for this one. 

This is due to their basic package’s impressive features, which costs only $225 per year with the inclusion of a registered agent service. 

If you added up the $99.99 basic package fee and $149.99 registered agent service from Rocket Lawyer, you would see that Northwest has a high advantage in this matter as they are more affordable, especially in the long run. 


Company Track Record, Reputation, and Experience

  • Northwest Registered Agent


The Northwest Registered Agent was established in 1998. Over the years, it has served two million businesses in the country, with an average of 200 businesses daily. 

They are undeniably one of the few incorporations that served, satisfied, and supported millions of businesses and corporations. This experience also provided them with more positive feedback where most of their clients express their satisfaction.


  • Rocket Lawyer


This might bring a bit of a shock to you readers, but Rocket Lawyer, founded ten years later than Northwest, had also catered ten times the client count of Northwest. The Rocket Lawyer started back in 2008 and reached a milestone by catering to over 20 million clients’ volume count up to date. 

Customer feedbacks praise how Rocket Lawyer handles the business formations and legal consultations. Over time, the feedback changed from good to excellent. It even resulted in a perfect five-star rating from other reviews.


  • Recommended

    This category will have to go to Rocket Lawyer as their experience in handling a large volume of clients is top-tier. 

However, the experience and a client count of Northwest Registered Agent aren’t something to belittle, primarily since they also cater to a large volume of clients. 

However, the ten times difference between Rocket Lawyer and Northwest Registered Agent’s client volume is why Rocket Lawyer has the edge over Northwest.


Customer Service Quality

  • Northwest Registered Agent


Northwest Registered Agent offers their assistance for both phone and email inquiries. However, it usually takes up to 24 hours for their agent to check their email service provider and provide feedback. 

Many customers liked Northwest because their representative always goes beyond their job in answering simple queries. 

Mobile agents specifically take their time to ask for a piece of detailed information from their clients and provide more in case the caller forgets to ask about a piece of specific information. These thoughtful responses and replies had indeed made the clients and customers happy.


  • Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer’s Support Representatives may be one of the unique types of service among incorporations that you will get to see. 

They offer customer support and feedback via phone and email and through their web-based chat application, which can be pretty impressive especially given this pandemic season. 

They also provide a quick and accurate response to your questions, making the customers happy and satisfied. The representatives are available to answer your queries from 9 am to 9 pm ET during weekdays.


  • Recommended

    : Both do well in this category, but the winner will have to be Rocket Lawyer. 

Some people may not like the anxiety that calling and emailing brings to them, so having the chat support system is another way to receive help without worrying if you forgot to ask for some details. 


Ease of Use

  • Northwest Registered Agent


One thing that has been well appreciated by most customers of Northwest Registered Agent is that their ordering process is very simplified and is easy to understand. 

Its streamlined and friendly formation process is undoubtedly one of the best ones you can encounter. You will need to enter your personal information or company data and pay the amount of the package you are availing of, and you are mainly done. 

After submitting your payment, you will only need to wait for one of their representatives to walk you through the whole package. They also do not attempt to push third-party partnerships and upsells, which most clients consider thoughtful.


  • Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer also offers quite the user-friendly and simplified formation process that many clients and customers appreciate. It is also easy to pick which formation package or training kit you should get. 

They also steer clear of any third-party partnership offers. However, you may have to navigate your way through all of their add-on solutions. 

However, they do not push you to buy any of them, so you can easily skip them if you aren’t interested in any of them. Their website also has a modern look and easy usability, a plus point for customers.


  • Recommended

    : Both do well in this category, so the result can be considered a tie. Both Rocket Lawyer and Northwest Registered Agent work hard not to complicate things and provide easy access and use for their past and future customers, which the clients highly appreciate.


Speed of Formation

  • Northwest Registered Agent


The formation speed for Northwest Registered Agent is transparent and maybe a little faster than other services. On the order forms for LLC, a list of estimated turnaround times can be viewed on the first page. 

This also includes the standard and expedited processing time. They also offer an accelerated service for most states but with an additional cost, of course. Having an accelerated service would mean that the customers can expect at least two delivery times throughout the customs.


  • Rocket Lawyer


Rocket Lawyer also provides a similar approach to Northwest Registered Agent. The formation times are based on how individual states process the business formations. They also offer quite a transparent processing time, roughly days to weeks. 

You can find the state processing time on their website page, which will be the business filings’ base. Throughout their years of service, they have shown improvement to be on par with other fast-track services. 


  • Recommended

    : For this category, it can also be considered a tie. Both Rocket Lawyer and Northwest Registered Agent had done quite a great job with their processing transparency and turnaround times. These aspects are what most of their clients appreciate.



Both companies offer quite impressive packages and feature top-tier services. No wonder they are within the top incorporation services up to date. 

With that said, hopefully, this helped you choose the service that best suits your taste and matches your ideals and needs. If not, well, here are a few recommendations that you might find helpful.

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if:

  • You want to have a much more affordable price that includes year-round business formation support and registered agent service.
  • You prefer basic packages with minimal add-on features.
  • You prefer to use the service for a long time. Since Northwest Registered Agent offers a much cheaper renewal payment than other services, this proves to be quite advantageous in the long run.
  • You prefer a much faster turnaround time and service.

Choose Rocket Lawyer if:

  • You value experience more and consider the client volume, track record, and reputation of an incorporation service.
  • You prefer to have multiple features, services, and add-ons to pick from.
  • You prefer to have more options when inquiring or seeking out customer support.
  • You prefer a service that will easily grant a refund under any circumstance and free.



Common Questions

Q: What are the most significant advantages of each service?

A: For Northwest Registered Agent, their most significant advantage against Rocket Lawyer may be their basic package that already has the registered agent service’s inclusion. 

For Rocket Lawyer, the most considerable advantage lies in the large client volume and personalized customer support.


Q: Which packages should we get from these services?

A: Northwest Registered Agent $225 basic package is one of the most sought out packages from the company, while for Rocket Lawyer, it is the basic package that costs $99.99. 

Although Rocket Lawyer’s package does not involve a registered agent service, it is still one of the company’s most availed packages.


Q: Which service offers a refund?

A: Both services offer a refund just on different terms. For Rocket Lawyer, they will give a full refund for any reason as long as it is requested within the 30 days of initial purchase.

Northwest Registered Agent allows a refund requested within 60 days of initial purchase with a cancellation charge of $25.


Q: Which service goes overboard with upsells and third-party


A:  Neither of these services goes overboard with the upsells, and neither of them pushes third-party partnerships. They like to focus on providing their service and packages to their clients and customers.

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