LLC vs Sole Proprietorship vs Corporation : Which One Should You Pick?

If you’re starting a business, then it’s best that you register it formally. It’s true that there are tedious steps to follow, and fees involved. But the benefits more than outweigh the costs. A formally registered business protects your personal assets from corporate risk, such as from your business creditors. It also allows you to … Read more

Professional LLC vs. Professional Corporation: What’s the Best Option for Licensed Professionals?

Many states require certain licensed professionals to form either a professional limited liability company or a professional corporation if they want to band together to form a business. Find out which option is best for you. Plenty of paid employees may eventually opt to form their own business as well, and these include licensed professionals … Read more

Benefits of Nonprofit organizations

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Nonprofit Corporation If you’re forming a charitable organization, will you be able to help more people more effectively by officially forming a nonprofit corporation? Check out the pros and cons of a nonprofit corporation to help you decide. It’s a noble goal to want to help people in your community, … Read more

What is a C Corporation?

Guide to C Corporations There are different types of corporations, such as LLCs, S Corporations, and C Corporations. However, to learn which one best suits your needs, it’s essential to understand what they are. With that said, in this article, you will learn about C corporations – from what they are to how to form … Read more

How are Corporations Taxed ? A Brief Primer

Paying taxes is a must for any corporation. Non-payment of taxes could lead to penalties and a lot of other problems for a corporation. This can even cause corporations to get penalized for the underpayment of taxes. The tax web is a vexing and taxing issue for any business owner. There are all kinds of … Read more

Does a Nonprofit Need to Register in the State to Fundraise?

Non-profit organizations, also known as NGOs, are bodies that do not function with any government. They are usually run by individuals either on a national, international, or community level. These NGOs have their different specializations and areas of interest, but their goal is usually the same which is to promote humanitarian causes.  In general, there … Read more