ZenBusiness vs Rocket Lawyer 2022 : Which One Should You Pick?

Turning your business into an LLC can be beneficial in so many ways. For example, you can protect your personal assets and preserve your privacy and anonymity. 

However, the process of incorporation can definitely be difficult and time-consuming when done by yourself. As such, it’s best to make use of an incorporation service to make the process easier and more convenient.

With that said, ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are two of the most popular incorporation services available online. Both have solid reputations when it comes to providing their client’s excellent services.

However, how will you know which one between the two is better suited for your business? To help you out, this article compares these two incorporation services based on five critical aspects.

From pricing to turnaround times, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these companies and decide which one is best for your needs. 

ZenBusiness vs. Rocket Lawyer

ZenBusiness is successfully rising the ranks as an excellent choice for potential LLC companies. Despite being a recently grown business service, ZenBusiness features astounding offers for the business owner. Particularly, incorporating LLCs will benefit from a registered agent service, and timely submission of annual reports, and all compliance monitoring required for the companies’ good standing.


ZenBusiness’s Official Website


Rocket Lawyer, on the other hand, will always be a pioneer with the efficient job of filing for LLCs. With Rocket Lawyer, dealing fastidiously with the formation process of the business is the main point. Legal accommodations for the incorporation is almost like hiring a lawyer to do the job. Years of experience make Rocket Lawyer famous with efficient assistance for the beginning LLC company.


Rocket Lawyer’s Official Website


Which is Best for Your Business?

Presented here are the basic comparisons made between ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer. Summed up are the results on their Overall Pricing and Value, User Experience, Company Track Record, Customer Service, and Speed of Formation. As an owner yourself, getting acquainted with these factors helps you to see more thoroughly which service is worth investing in for long term purposes. 


Overall Pricing and Value

When it comes to price and affordability, we usually opt for the quality service that entails the lowest cost, ZenBusiness is better on this game. Yielding budget-friendly packages for the owner without compromising its extended services makes ZenBusiness a better pick at $39.99 than Rocket Lawyer at $99.99, with almost the same characteristics for the purpose.


User Experience

Rocket Lawyer is given the most positive feedback for the best online LLC assistance service of all time. Yet recent owners are turning to the more versatile offers of ZenBusiness at a better price. The latter is receiving fine attention and excellent reviews from several LLC owners today.  Still, ease of use is scored the same as Rocket Lawyer and ZenBusiness nowadays.


Company Track Record

Managing all the incorporation for your business with all the implications and hurly-burly of the whole process must be left for the experts. If you are looking for a company service that yields greater experience in the industry, Rocket Lawyer is your best pick. 

Since 2008, Rocket Lawyer’s professional service for millions of users makes it one of the best business legal coordinators online. ZenBusiness cannot beat the stand of time Rocket Lawyer has undergone to outlive all the possible challenges that come with the business formation.


Customer Service

Outstanding customer care can be expected from both services. ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer are more than confident to answer and assist all inquiries or requests that you might ask on procedures of business filing and registration. 

Questions or conflicts can be either sent through fax, email, or phone call. LLC owners can also ask directly on their websites with very accommodating personnel you could chat with. 


Speed of Formation

Fast turnaround time is necessary when it comes to complying with state rules, and also assure business filing is efficiently produced on time. 

Needless to say, speed of formation affirms the owners that all pertinent filing about the business is recorded and accumulated not just because of state orders but also because the business can benefit from these for future demands and claims. 

Depending on the service you purchased at ZenBusiness, the turnaround time is 2-4 weeks (Starter Package) to even 3-5 days (Premium Package). At Rocket Lawyer, the typical turnaround time comes different per state with the usual 1-2 days like in Kansas and even to 25-30 days in others.  

Some Common Questions

The following are some of the additional inquiries you may have to better appreciate the service that you will be choosing. Things such as extended services and packages with additional features are a few of the factors that you may consider in choosing ZenBusiness or Rocket Lawyer.

  • Which offers the best package, ZenBusiness or RocketLawyer?

ZenBusiness is offering a better pricing model with all the features a business formation service should offer to an LLC. ZenBusiness’s Starter Plan includes the assessment of their CPAs including the assistance of a registered agent service for just $99 annually as an additional charge. On the other hand, Rocket Lawyer’s formation package has no registered agent service.  Subscribing to a $39.99 per month to a legal services plan (package including formation service), owners will receive a 25% off the usual $149.99 annual cost on registered agent service. 

  • Who has extended assistance when it comes to compliance requirements?

The concern is better handled by the business formation deal done at ZenBusiness. The service offers vast choices that can help the company owners with regular compliance and issuances.

With its registered agent service cost of $99 per year, ZenBusiness aces the field, compared with Rocket Lawyer’s $149.99 annually. If in need of your business copy of the annual report service, ZenBusiness also offers this for $75 while Rocket Lawyer has no inclusion for this copy in its services.

  • How About Refunding?

Rocket Lawyer gives business owners the chance to think through their purchase for a limited time of 30 days and in a full refund at that. Still, the best option if you are still considering whether or not to take the support of a business formation service for your company. A great advantage for Rocket Lawyer as ZenBusiness does not allow any refunding for their services, especially if your business has already been submitted for state filing. Despite this, owners who will contact ZenBusiness are entitled to a $50 cancellation fee for service charge.



ZenBusiness and Rocket Lawyer is relatively equal in most aspects of business formation assistance for LLCs. Both have additional features that can be acquired side by side the purchased service just by evaluating which package suits best for your company’s budget and needs.  

Above all, having in mind the aspects for a better filing and registration service, ZenBusiness can be considered more impressive than Rocket Lawyer despite its recent popularity as a younger competitor to the latter.

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