Incfile vs Rocket Lawyer 2023 : Which One is Better for You?

Are you one of the few people who would want to form an LLC or corporation but can’t pick which type of professional assistance should be taken? Among the plenty of professional companies offering LLC help and services, Incfile and Rocket Lawyer are among the two names that come out on top. 

These online incorporation companies offer great services that can be similar to one another. As such, we have listed below some comparison points to help you determine which of the two is the better choice.

Comparison Points

To make sure that the comparison is reviewed perfectly, here are the key points that you will be looking at. These crucial factors will give you an overview of which service can meet the needs of your business better:


  • Overall pricing and overall value of their features
  • Company track record and experiences
  • Quality of their customer service
  • How easy it is to use and how efficient the ordering process is
  • Speed of formation


  1. Overall Pricing and Value



Incfile offers bundles with the typical features involved in a business formation. Aside from that, the packages also come with a registered agent. These featured bundles go for as low as $0 (plus state fee). 

In this service, you will be given a registered agent along with a business tax consultant who will be available for the whole year. The renewal of this formation package service will make a total of $119 annually. 

Aside from these packages, they also have the gold package costing $149 which contains a well-rounded collection of their best features and services.


Incfile’s Official Website

Rocket Lawyer 

Rocket Lawyer offers one service plan for business formation only, and it costs a total of $99.99 (plus state fee) with no additional features. The only inclusion in this basic package is business formation. 

Their legal services are available for an additional $39.99 per month while their registered agent service can be bought for the annual price of $149.99. However, they do offer free service for business formation for their new subscribers and discounted ones for their past customers or members. 

Once you have subscribed to them, they will also provide you with legal documents along with an attorney review and a free consultation with lawyers.

Rocket Lawyer’s Official Website


Which is Better?

Since you will only be starting, it is better to pick Incfile’s packages and bundles to lessen your initial expenses. For $0, you will be able to avail of the combination of features that Rocket Lawyer also features. 

This huge difference between Incfile and Rocket Lawyer is one that is the most noticeable as subscribers will pick the one with less expense. Just imagine paying less and earning more due to the combination of their features.


  1. Company Track Record and Experience



Back in 2004, Incfile opened its doors and had helped with the formation of over 250,000 businesses since then. They also have a solid experience along with a good track record involving high-quality feedbacks from their customers and subscribers. 

The thousands of reviews online mostly consist of five-star ratings which are the perfect scores for feedbacks. However, they still can’t accommodate and handle a large volume of customers. 


Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is founded back in 2008 and had already catered to a huge volume of clients and customers totaling over 20 million. This a brand new milestone, especially for companies like these. 

Their experience in handling business formations is top-tier. Back when they were only starting, they used to receive a mixture of both good and bad customer feedback and reviews. However, during these past few years, they have been receiving mostly positive reviews from their clients. 

This change in the pace of the review they receive is proof that over the years, their services have been getting better and better.


Which is Better?

If you value a company’s experience and track record, then Rocket Lawyer is the perfect one for you. Incfile is also a great company that can surely cater to all your concerns effectively and efficiently. However, Rocket Lawyer’s over 20 million customers meant that they have the power and ability to handle a large volume of customers.


  1. Customer Service



Incfile’s customers can also get customer support through phone calls and emails. Many of their customers tried both of these methods multiple times, and they observed that they still have a decent turnaround time. Besides, their representatives are also both very professional and welcoming to every customer. 



Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer’s support representatives are accessible thru the phone, email, and their web-based chat application. They’re all swift to answer all of their customer’s questions, and their representatives truly know their stuff. Another amazing aspect of Rocket Lawyer’s customer service is that they have flexible support hours which run from 9  AM until 9 PM ET every weekday.


Which is Better?

Although Rocket Lawyer has a very slight advantage when it comes to hours of availability to support their customers, we still don’t think that it is enough for an advantage to turn this category to their favor. 

Incfile does have very good customer service. Overall, both of these businesses have good customer service, and customers would never hesitate to suggest any of them when it comes to this aspect.


  1. Ease of Use


It is still pretty easy to use the resources that come from Incfile. As their customers walk through the process of purchasing their services, they just need to determine their training kit, provide them with some basic details about themselves and their company, and let Incfile take care of the rest. 

Their order form is personalized depending on the state in which you are creating, and there are links scattered throughout the application that illustrate what some of the different features entail. One thing we’ve learned with Incfile in this area is that they have a few third-party offers that we are never fans of.


Rocket Lawyer

Particularly given that Rocket Lawyer has only one business training kit at their disposal, it is still definitely easy to pick your course to get the ball rolling on your training. Navigating through all of their add-on solutions can be a little challenge, but ultimately we still find that it takes just about ten minutes to complete your order. 

We admire the fact that Rocket Lawyer refuses third-party collaborations as they stick to delivering their goods and services to the best of their abilities.


Which is Better?

Every one of these organizations provides systems that are easy to access and both improve efficiency and automate the purchasing process. Neither one of them goes over the top with the third-party offers as well as special offers enough that those who typically believe that such a section is a flop.


  1. Speed of Formation



Incfile keeps promising that every article of association or incorporation will indeed be prepared as well as published within one working day upon receipt of your request. As for the other competitors in that same sector, their processing times are dependent on where and how rapidly each person state processes new market formations. 

With all that in perspective, their training service will take only a few days, but in some cases, it may take a couple of weeks. Incfile also provides an efficient service that is helpful and effective, especially when you’re in a rush.


Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer seems to have a similar approach for producing forecasts of turnaround time. This also offers a valuable comparison guide to both the average processing speed of each jurisdiction for both normal and expedited operations. 

Many of their customers admire their openness, and their speed of formation seems to be nearly equivalent to their competitors. Through the years, they had also considerably improved their training speed to be on par with other top-tier companies.


Which is Better?

Each of these service providers possesses training speeds that are largely dependent on the processing capabilities of each state. In some cases, they can even provide quite similar turnaround times. 

Incfile and Rocket Lawyer both have improved their customer support. This resulted in freely accessible support services for when their customers need it. And all in all, they are also the same or equal when it comes to this category.




As displayed above, both companies have a considerable amount of advantages and disadvantages that are of help to their customers and clients. The compared categories display what they lack or what their strengths are. Both companies have already proven that they are at the top when it comes to business formations and incorporations online. 

Concluding which one is the best might be hard when you have to consider all of the above categories. 

Nonetheless, here’s a tip for you: If you are a customer or client who wants to prioritize expenses and are reluctant to spend so much, especially when you are only planning to open up an LLC, then we advise that you pick Incfile. With their cheap yet excellent service and packages, you will surely make the most out of the little you spend.

If you are a customer or client who wants to gain access to a wide connection of online legal services and LLC Formation, then Rocket Lawyer would be the perfect one for you. Their experience is over the top, proving that you would not spend money on menial and worthless things. You get what you paid for – that will be the perfect tagline for availing of Rocket Lawyer’s services.


Common Questions


Is Incfile considered one of the best LLC services? What other companies offer LLC Services?

Incfile is considered one of the best when it comes to LLC and business formation services. They are among the top-rated companies along with Rocket Lawyer. Aside from Rocket Lawyer and Incfile, you can also find other companies that offer similar services such as LegalZoom, ZenBusiness, and Northwest Registered Agent.


What are the best available packages from Incfile?

One of the cheapest and most availed packages from Incfile is the Silver package which costs $0 with an additional state fee. This package will provide you the full preparation and formation of your documents and business. 

Another inclusion is the registered service agent which will be available for your consultations and inquiries for 12 months.


Regarding the ongoing compliance requirement, which company does it better?

The best company to help you with the ongoing compliance requirement would be Incfile. This is because they offer a package for a registered service agent for $119 annually and annual report services which are $88 after the first free year of your registration.

With this one, however, you can also avail yourself of Rocket Lawyer’s package which will cost about $149.99 annually for a registered service agent who can help you with the compliance requirements. However, they do not offer an annual report service, unlike Incfile.


Which company offers fewer upsells?

Both Rocket Lawyer and Incfile tend to avoid nonstop upsells, and they’re doing a pretty good job with it. However, with Rocket Lawyer, you might experience several attempts for you to avail of their legal services plan. 

Fortunately, since this bundle offers free LLC formation services for a 7-day free trial for new subscribers, it would not be that much of a problem.


Which company can I trust when it comes to information sharing for third parties?

Rocket Lawyer makes it one of its core values to respect their client’s decisions and not push offers for third parties. They mostly focus on their companies’ sole services and products and keep their clients’ information confidential.

However, the same can’t be said with Incfile. The reason is that they include a few special offers along with their service bundles which will involve the sharing of information to third parties. Companies like Bank of America and SnapWeb, which is a web-hosting company, are just some of the most common ones.


What about a refund policy?

When it comes to refund policies, we do recommend Rocket Lawyer as they have an excellent structure of their refund policy. You can process your refund request within 30 days of the initial purchase date, and you will be automatically provided with your refund. No further questions asked.

However, Incfile has a tighter policy regarding refunds. You can only process a request for refund 24 hours before the payment for the packages is submitted. You would also be required to pay $30 for the processing fee. Once your payment for their packages has been sent to your state, you can no longer request a refund.

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