Incfile vs. Northwest Registered Agent : Which is Better [2023]

Are you preparing to start your own business but can’t decide which service provider is the right company to hire for assistance? Two of the top online incorporation services in the industry are Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent, but how exactly are you supposed to unravel which one is the better choice? 

In this comparison, we will provide you with concise breakdowns about their common features and major differences that you would need to keep in mind in deciding which one is the better option. 

Incfile vs. Northwest Registered Agent: Summary of Comparison


These highly respected service providers offer access to reliable filing services, including some helpful extra features. Additionally, both companies are noted for their efficiency, experience, and affordability. 

Incfile’s major selling point is the excellent and high-volume feedbacks from their clients. Not only do they provide the best options when it comes to pricing, but they are also well-known for their free LLC formation package. Meanwhile, Northwest is recognized for its extensive personalized customer support service and great features.


Service Provider Score Price (Starts at)  Selling Points
Incfile 9.6/10 $0
  • Most Affordable Incorporation Service
  • Thousands of Positive Customer Feedbacks
  • Free Registered Agent Services
Northwest Registered Agent  9.2/10 $225
  • Extensive Customer Support 
  • Great features
  • User-friendly and Simple packages


In our review, we have determined five key differences that are vital in choosing between these two favorite companies in the industry. Here’s what you need to look out for:


  1. Overall Pricing and Additional Features
  2. Company Track Record and Reputation
  3. Customer Service Quality
  4. Ease of Signing-up an Application
  5. Turnaround Times for Incorporation


As you will observe in this comparison, both companies offer excellent incorporation services and are close competitors in almost every aspect. Overall, we prefer Incfile compared to Northwest since it offers both affordability and great formation packages. 


Overall Pricing and Additional Features

Incfile Pricing Details 

  1. LLC Formation

Incfile offers three options for LLC formation to its clients. Here are the details:  

  • Silver (starts at $0 + state filing fees) – Incfile’s basic package allows you to form your business for free including a full year of registered agent service which costs $119 annually after the period expires. This deal comprises the preparation and filing of your articles, unlimited name searches, as well as additional features such as access to their lifetime company alerts system and an online order status tracking which provides real-time order status review. 

  • Gold (starts at $149 + state filing fees)

    – Their gold package includes everything inside the Silver as well as express shipping, a federal tax ID, and a few important documents which include an IRS form 2553, a banking resolution, and an operating agreement.  Additionally, you will also get an LLC kit and seal to certify and sort out your company documents. 

  • Platinum (starts at $299 + state filing fees) – You can also spend an additional $150 to go beyond the Gold package and avail of their Platinum deal. Naturally, you’ll get everything included in the previous package plus a domain name, an upgraded version of the LLC kit and seal, a library of business contract templates, and an expedited filing service. 


  1. Registered Agent ($119 per year)

As mentioned, after your free first year, Incfile’s registered agent service costs $119 a year. Apart from the basic services of the registered agent they don’t offer any additional features. 

Incfile’s Official Website


Northwest Registered Agent Pricing Details

  1. LLC Formation

Starting at $225 + state filing fees, Northwest’s package comprises the preparation and filing of your formation documents with your state to officially establish your company. This also includes a free 12-month registered agent service which is valued at $125 once the period lapses. 


  1. Registered Agent ($125 per year)

The service provider offers a flat rate of $125 for their registered agent service. Aside from that, the cost drops to a more affordable price of $100 if you avail of their service in five or more states.

Northwest Registered Agent’s Official Website


Incfile Wins!

The first category is an obvious victory for Incfile. After all, paying nothing (excluding the state fee) is a very good deal rather than paying $225. 


Company Track Record and Reputation

Incfile Track Record

Incfile was established in 2004. Since then, they have incorporated over 500,000 LLCs and corporations. They were listed as one of the 360 best entrepreneurial companies by the year 2018 and is currently a major service provider in the industry. Additionally, their services are supported by thousands of positive feedbacks across the web. 


Northwest Registered Agent Track Record

Northwest was established in 1998. It has incorporated over two million businesses throughout the years and is currently providing service to hundreds of new clients each day. Although it is not hailed as one of the industry giants, the company is acknowledged for its great features and extensive customer support system. 


In this category, Incfile has the upper hand for customer feedback volume. The company’s reputation is evidenced by thousands of reviews online. However, Northwest is the definite victor when it comes to experience. The company has been around for a longer time and has provided services to numerous customers ever since. Unfortunately, we have difficulty weighing reputation and experience, so we’ll leave the decision up to you!


Customer Service Quality


Incfile Customer Support


You can communicate with Incfile’s customer service team through email, chat, or phone. They answer calls promptly – you usually just need to wait a minute or two. When it comes to emails, they usually respond within a few hours following a phone call to fill you in with more details. 


Northwest Registered Agent Customer Support


Northwest is famed for their Corporate Guides which work as their support representatives. Each client is designated with a representative. You can communicate with them directly whenever you have any concerns via phone or email. Their email response may take a few hours, but rest assured that you will be given a detailed reply. 


This quality of service may also be experienced through calls. As a matter of fact, there are only a few companies in the industry that provide the same quality of service. After all, Northwest is distinguished for its personalized customer support services. 


Northwest Wins!


Despite having a solid customer support department staffed with proficient individuals, Incfile’s customer services seem to fall short in some respects as compared with Northwest’s. Without a doubt, Northwest’s years of experience in the industry is one factor that led them to develop highly efficient and personalized customer service. 


Ease of Use


Incfile Application Process


The signup process for Incfile is customized based on the type of business and the state where it is founded. Hyperlinks and question mark icons are provided within the application form to help with the navigation. If you select any third-party offers or a few upsells, the total price is automatically added up. 


Northwest Registered Agent Application Process


Northwest’s process of signing up is efficient and simplified. You just need to enter your company details and personal info then pay the bill afterward. The overall procedure is rather straightforward as they don’t offer much upsells nor special offers from third parties. 


Northwest Wins!


Northwest and Incfile both offer streamlined application processes. While both sites make the process of filing as simplified as possible, Northwest’s is a bit more user-friendly.


Turnaround Times for Incorporation


Incfile Turnaround Time


Incfile ensures that every business formation will be prepared and sent to your state within one business day. However, it could still take a few days to several weeks as the entire process varies from every state. 


Nonetheless, if you want to speed up the job, you can pay an additional fee to order an expedited process or acquire their Platinum package that includes an expedited service. Generally, Incfile’s turnaround times are better than most competitors. 


Northwest Registered Agent Turnaround Time


An estimated turnaround time is reflected in the application depending on your state. In some states, it takes a couple of business days, but in others, it takes several weeks. Just like Incfile, an expedited service is also available in Northwest for an additional fee. 


It’s a Toss-up!


Both companies have processing times that are dependent on the state and whether or not you have ordered an expedited service. Northwest provides faster services in some states while Incfile may have the advantage in others as well. As such, we’ll consider this category a tie. 


Conclusion and Recommendations


Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent are noted as two of the best service providers in the industry, and we absolutely recommend both of them. However, we believe Incfile offers more value with their free business formation package as compared to Northwest’s similar package available at a cost of $225. Incfile’s large volume of positive feedbacks also justifies its standing in the industry.


At any rate, you are free to choose whichever matches your business’ requirements. If you are still uncertain about which company to opt for, we’ll end this comparison by leaving you with these few key features that may help you in choosing.  


Choose Incfile (full review) if:

  • Affordability is your priority. 
  • You prefer to hire services with a sturdy reputation.
  • You want to explore more package options. 

IncFile’s Official Website


On the other hand, choose Northwest Registered Agents (Full review) if: 

  • You value experience.
  • Greater customer support appeals to you.
  • You like the idea of having a registered agent locally scanning your documents.

NorthWest’s Official Website


No matter which company you hire, we hope you are happy with your decision. Best of luck!

Common Questions


Which service offers more solutions with ongoing compliance requirements?


Incfile and Northwest equally provide reliable solutions that aid your business in keeping a prominent status in the industry. Both companies offer a full year of registered agent service along with any package deal. Aside from this, both charge reasonable rates – Incfile’s and Northwest’s registered agent services are priced respectively at $119 and $125 per year. 


Additionally, the annual report service costs $88 per year with Incfile and $100 per year with Northwest.


Do these companies have a refund policy?


Northwest Registered Agent’s refund policy is significantly better than Incfile’s. The former has a processing fee of $25 which grants a 60-day period to request a refund. Incfile, on the other hand, requires a $30 cancellation fee and closes its refund window once payment is sent to the state. Generally, a 24-hour allowance is given from placing your order. 


Which company provides a better publication service?


Some states require your company’s formation to be published in a regional newspaper. Unfortunately, neither of these companies provide a publication service. 


Although it does not offer to do your publication requirements on your behalf, Northwest does provide step-by-step assistance to complete your requirement. You can look into ZenBusiness if you specifically want to hire a company that offers publication services. 


What package offers the best value if I opt for Incfile?


Incfile’s classic Silver package offers a great value for a price of $0 (plus state fee). As we’ve mentioned, this package is the cheapest way to form your business and get a registered agent. If you want to explore more features, you can choose their Gold package which starts at $149 plus state filing fees. You can check out Incfile’s pricing page for more details.


Which company has fewer third-party partnerships and upsells?


Between the two services, Northwest Registered Agent may be your best choice as they usually keep these to a bare minimum. Incfile, however, does keep several third-party offers in their order form. If you’re concerned about privacy implications, you should note that selecting their business bank account offer requires sharing your information with the Bank of America, and with the SnapWeb if you select their website builder package. 


Does Incfile provide a faster LLC formation service?


Both Incfile’s and Northwest’s turnaround times vary by state – the faster your state processes orders, the lower the entire processing time will be. It also depends on whether you have opted for expedited service. 

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