Incfile vs Harvard Business Services :Incorporation Services Comparison

The process of forming a business can be tedious. There are tons of requirements you should comply with, alongside tons of documentation to prepare. However, all those hassles can be resolved with the help of an incorporation service. 

If you’re on the lookout for a dependable incorporation service, then you’d want to consider two of the most well-known services in the market: Incfile vs Harvard Business Services

In this article, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about Incfile and Harvard Business Services. We’ll also show comparisons between the two services for various categories.


Overall Pricing and Value



  • Silver Package

Incfile offers a Silver Package that costs $0 plus state filing service fees. This package comes with the basic documents for business formation with a standard filing timeframe. The Silver Package also includes exclusive offers for a business website, business bank account, and more. Lastly, this package comes with Registered Agent Services that are free for a year. 


  • Gold Package

Priced at $149 plus state filing service fees, Incfile’s Gold Package comes with everything the Silver Package offers with added EIN (employer identification number), banking resolution, operating agreement, and express shipping. 


  • Platinum Package

Incfile’s Platinum Package costs $299 plus state filing service fees. This is the company’s highest-tier package that comes with everything their Gold Package offers plus expedited filing, expedited shipping, added templates, business domain name, business email, and more. 


Harvard Business Services

  • Green Package

The Green Package which is priced at $179 is Harvard Business Service’s lowest-tier package. This service plan includes state filing service fees, basic documents for business formation with standard filing timeframe as well as virtual document delivery. The Green Package also includes a free 1-year Registered Agent Services. 


  • Basic Package

Harvard Business Services’ Basic Package costs $229 and comes with everything their Green Package offers with added mail of hard copies for all the documents, operating agreement, a form for bank resolution, bylaws, and more. 


  • Standard Package

Priced at $329, Harvard Business Services’ Standard Package includes all the features their Basic Package comes with plus expedited filing timeframe and shipping. This highest-tier package also comes with membership ledger or stock certificates, customized logo-embossed binder, company seal embosser, and many more.


Winner: 50/50

Although Incfile’s packages are substantially cheaper than that of Harvard Business Services’ packages, HBS’s packages come with state filing costs while Incfile doesn’t. If you add the state filing service fee to all of Incfile’s packages, their price could go up as high as Harvard Business Services’ price points. 

Thus, in terms of pricing and value, both companies offer closely similar features for probably similar costs.


Incfile’s Official Website


Company Track Record and Experience



Established in 2004, Incfile is a Houston-based formation service whose main goal is to provide a top-notch customer experience and unmatched value. Since its inception, the company has helped business owners form over 250,000 businesses. In 2020 alone, the formation service has grown by over 200% and has continued to make a name in the industry. 

In terms of customer feedback, Incfile’s reviews are mostly positive, with thousands of favorable reviews on the web with only a few negative feedback.


Harvard Business Services

Founded in 1981, Harvard Business Services has helped form over 170,000 businesses in Delaware. During the company’s first decade, the founder, as well as his wife, ran their formation business at their home before they had enough resources to expand and invest in an actual office space. 

By 1994, Harvard Business Services has expanded and dabbled into the global market. Nowadays, the formation company serves numerous businesses from different countries worldwide. 

Harvard Business Services has thousands of positive reviews from customers online and only very few negative feedback. Surprisingly, the company is even rated 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau‘s official website.


Winner: Harvard Business Services

Given the fact that Harvard Business Services has been in the industry for decades and has a majority of favorable reviews even today, it is clearly the winner in terms of track record and experience. 

Incfile is also a great company with a good reputation. However, Harvard Business Services’ standing is undeniably unbeatable. 

Harvard Business Service’s Official Website


Customer Service


Incfile currently offers email and phone support. Based on customer reviews, many of their clients who used their phone support service said that the company is very easy to reach via phone. Their calls were answered fast and their questions were answered by the company’s representatives but they were not elaborated upon. 

Meanwhile, Incfile’s email support service provides a response to their email queries in less than 24 hours, according to most customers. Most clients who sent an email inquiry by late afternoon got a response around mid-morning the next day. 

Although the company’s email support is not as speedy as their phone support, most customers said that they were able to receive a more detailed answer to their questions.


Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services currently offers email, chat, phone, as well as Skype support. Many customers who reached out to the company via Skype and phone were able to receive impressive response times. In terms of chat and email, many customers said that their queries were answered in a timely manner. 

The company’s customer service reps were clearly knowledgeable and responsive given that many customers stated in their reviews that the company’s customer support is stellar. People said that their reps were able to expand on several topics with ease and confidence.


Winner: Harvard Business Services


Due to the fact that Harvard Business Services offer a wider array of support options, it is clearly the winner in this category. Additionally, most of the customers who reviewed the company’s support service were fairly satisfied. 

Thus, there is no doubt that Harvard Business Services values providing exceptional customer service to all of their clients.


Ease of Use



Incfile strongly believes that the main purpose of an incorporation service is to help entrepreneurs save time and streamline the entire formation process as straightforward as possible. This explains why the company puts great effort into making the whole process simple and fast. 

When you sign up for an account on Incfile, the steps are customized based on your state of residence as well as the business type you want to establish. Additionally, you will see a number of hyperlinks and question marks that you can click and you will be given further information about a particular entry or question on the form. 

Although you will stumble upon a couple of third-party service offers, later on, it is not necessarily as annoying as how other formation services bombard their clients with upsells. 

Lastly, Incfile provides you with the option to choose additional services that are not included in your chosen formation package. If you choose to avail of extra service, your total price will automatically be updated and shown on your screen. 


Harvard Business Services

When it comes to ease of use and placing an order, Harvard Business Services hit the ball out of the park. The entire ordering process with the formation service is very simple and fast. In fact, most customers are able to complete the entire process in less than ten minutes. 

Once you have chosen your desired package, you will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your personal and business info. Before you reach the last part of the ordering process, you will bump into an upsell related to an EIN service for $65. 

If you don’t want to go through the nitty-gritty of acquiring an EIN, then adding this deal to your purchase is not a bad idea.


Winner: 50/50


Both Incfile and Harvard Business Services offer exceptional convenience when it comes to placing an order for formation service packages.


Speed of Formation




Incfile delivers similar turnaround times to their competitors, or even better. This is because the company guarantees that all corporation or LLC formation is processed and sent to their clients’ state of formation in a span of one business day. Several formation services will make their clients pay an extra fee if they wish to get next-day processing. 

Once all documents are filed, it is crucial to remember that some states may take longer than other states to process the paperwork for business formation. 

If you want your business to be formed in no time, Incfile offers expedited processing for states for an additional cost (price is determined by state). You may also opt to purchase the Platinum Package as it already includes sped up services.


Harvard Business Services


Harvard Business Services’ formation packages already include the estimated turnaround times for formation which is around 3 to 5 business days. The company also guarantees same-day filing for all documents given that everything is in the right order. 

For a sped up formation process, the company also offers same-day formation for an extra cost of $150.


Winner: 50/50


Both Incfile and Harvard Business Services deliver favorable turnaround times. They also offer expedited services which are highly convenient for entrepreneurs who don’t mind paying an extra cost and want to form their businesses in a shorter span of time.


Overall Verdict


Both formation services offer exceptional services. Each service provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they don’t undermine the quality of the services each company offers. 

If you are on the lookout for a more affordable formation service, then Incfile offers budget-friendly packages. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a formation service with a solid track record and has proven its excellence in the industry, then Harvard Business Services is a no-brainer choice. 


Common Questions


What are the benefits of incorporating a business?

The main advantage of incorporating your business is a simple fact that you can lessen your personal liabilities. When your business gets incorporated, it will exist as a separate entity. This means your personal assets are separated from your business assets. 

Another significant benefit is the ability to increase your business’s credibility. 


What are the downsides of incorporating a business?

The only possible disadvantage of incorporating your business is that you will have to run your business with a higher level of administration compared to when your business was still a sole proprietorship. Additionally, incorporation may also result in higher tax payments in certain situations. 


What does an LLC mean?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. It is essentially a hybrid of a corporation and a sole proprietorship or partnership. The LLC puts a limit to the personal liabilities of the business owners but it doesn’t heavily require the paperwork and formality of a corporation. 


What are the requirements for incorporating a business?

The first highly recommended thing you need to do when incorporating your business is to seek tax advice from an Enrolled Agent or a CPA. Business entity choices are typically individual-based and depend on various factors. 


Why are legal documents necessary when filing with the state?

Corporations require Corporate Minutes and Bylaws while LLCs need an Operating Agreement. If you don’t have these legal documents, then you can get sued and you might lose all the protection that is provided for Corporation and LLC entities. 


Do I need to hire a formation service?

Not necessarily since you can essentially do the entire formation process on your own. However, a formation service can complete the entire application and documentation process on your behalf. If you don’t want to go through the laborious process of having your business formed, then hiring a formation service is a worthwhile investment. 


What is a registered agent? Do I need one?

Every LLC and corporation entity is required to have a registered agent who will receive official memos. A registered agent can be a real individual or a certified corporation. 



Forming your business can be a very long and laborious process. However, the fruits of having your venture formed into an LLC or corporation are definitely worth the time you spent on achieving such a milestone. 

However, forming your business does not necessarily mean going through such an arduous process yourself. Thanks to trustworthy formation services such as Incfile and Harvard Business Services for helping entrepreneurs successfully form their businesses. 


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