Northwest Registered Agent Vs Harvard Business Services : Which one is Better?

Are you interested in venturing into a limited liability company but find it challenging to navigate the entire information process? More and more businesses are opting to avail online incorporation services to help them with the process.

Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services are two of the leading online incorporation services, but each one has its pros and cons. Because of this, how will you choose between them?

In this article, you’ll find a comparison of two of the industry’s leading service providers, Northwest and Harvard Business Services. Read further to determine which registered agent is the best choice for your LLC formation. 


Key Comparison Points

In this section, we rate the two registered agents using the following criteria:

Comparison of pricing and additional features 

Track record

Customer Satisfaction

Company milestone and overall experience

The quality of the customer service and ease of use

In this article, you will see that both the Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business services are great platforms for your LLC formation. 

However, Northwest Registered Agent is generally the more outstanding of the two due to its low pricing yet provides incorporation services worldwide.


Northwest Registered Agent

Price: $49/year

Affordable and excellent price

Best customer service

Available anywhere in the world


Northwest Registered Agent’s Official Website

Harvard Business Services

Price: $89 starting price

Various and outstanding features

Excelled Customer Feedback

Available in Delaware only


Harvard Business Service’s Official Website

Overall Pricing and Value

  • Northwest Registered Agent

With your $89, you can avail yourself of Northwest registered agent service for a year.  This price is highly impressive, especially since they guarantee a fixed annual fee.

So, if you wish to continue their service after a year, you need to renew for $125 per year. Northwest doesn’t have additional features, but considering the price, it does not need to. 

  • Harvard Business Services

This platform is only available for Delaware-based businesses. Hence, this platform is not for you if your business is from another state. 

However, Harvard Business Services does offer various features such as compliance coaching, business name check, digital seat with your business information, and the like. 

Their starting price is $89 with the inclusion of the state fee. It is good for a year of service. Beyond one year, if you wish to renew, a rate of $50 per year will be charged. 


Winner = Nortwest Registered Agent

With their more affordable price points, Northwest Registered Agent has a clearer advantage over Harvard Business Services, especially when you’re forming an LLC.


Company Overall Track Record and Experience

  • Northwest Registered Agent

Since its founding in 1998, Northwest has provided quality service for over 2 million clients. At the moment, they continue to provide services to 200 corporations and LLCs across the world. 

While they have numerous clients, they don’t have many customer service reviews online. However, they have positive feedback among clients overall.

  • Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services is more experienced in the industry as they continue being of service to LLC and corporations online in Delaware since 1981. 

So far, they have completed services for more than 170,000 Delaware-based clients. They have thousands of positive customer service reviews online and can maintain a high positive rating score.

Winner = Harvard Business Services

Despite Northwest’s higher volume of clients, Harvard Business Services has the edge in this aspect because they generally receive more positive feedback when it comes to the services they provide.


Customer Service

  • Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agents offers efficient customer service like no other. Once you become their client, Northwest will assign a dedicated customer support representative to ask anytime you have questions or concerns. 


  • Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services also provides dedicated customer services via chat, phone, email, or Skype. They have also provided their social media platforms where you can reach out to them, and they are available at any time.


Winner = Northwest Registered Agent

They both do well in this category, but Northwest’s personalized customer support gives them the edge over their competition.


Ease of Use

  • Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer much in terms of features, which is why it’s relatively easy to use. You won’t experience any confusion before and after registering.

Once you have chosen the package for your LCC, you need to fill up all the business and personal information on the platform. 

After doing so, they will handle everything themselves. It is also a bonus that they avoid third-parties and upsells offers, which are essential for this industry.

  • Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services is also simple to use. Using only a few minutes of your time, you would have an LLC. There are no third-party deals, and while there is an upsell offer, it was a reliable one and thus not bothersome at all.


Winner = Almost a tie, but we would go for Northwest! The key is simplicity for these two platforms to help clients from a business as soon as possible. However, upsell offers might be a downside for some clients.


Speed Formation

  • Northwest Registered Agent

With them, you can expect to have quick turnaround times for your order’s processing, whether it is expedited or standard shipping. However, availing of their highest plan would entail only a one-day processing time. Nevertheless, regardless of what plan you choose, you can expect a quick turnaround time for your order.

  • Harvard Business Services

Since Harvard Business Services only focuses on Delaware-based clients, you can expect the fastest turnaround time for your order process. Even you avail of their standard package, the processing of your Delaware business formation will only take 3 to 5 days. 

Moreover, if you choose expedited processing and pay $150, you can expect to have your business formed in one day. 

Winner = It’s a tie! Of course, Harvard Business Services is faster in Delaware since this is their primary focus. The standard Delaware processing takes 3 to 5 days, while Northwest takes five days. 

On the other hand, both platforms have the same processing capabilities with expedited service except for Northwest that processes the following day after your registration. It should also be noted that Harvard charges their client $150 for expedited processes, while Northwest only has a $50 upcharge. Overall, it’s an equal rating for these platforms.



While the extra features of Harvard Business Services are much appreciated, it is Northwest considered better for LLC formation service. 

However, it should be noted that Harvard Business Services still does an excellent job forming a new business in Delaware. However, overall, Northwest Registered Agent is the best choice for most companies.

Northwest Registered Agent’s affordable prices are spectacular and helpful for new business owners. They also have spectacular customer services that can help you out with your concerns and questions.


Common Questions

What is the most prominent edge of both registered agents?

For Northwest Registered Agents, of course, the biggest is that their service is more readily available. 

Furthermore, Northwest has friendly price points that can save you a lot on costs than Harvard, with costlier pricing and almost identical features.

On the other hand, Harvard Business Services have the most loyal clients with thousands of good feedback online.


What do you think is the best package to avail of these two services?

Northwest’s basic package is the most affordable one that provides you almost the same feature as their other offers. It is the most favorite package among clients from both services.


Which company is the most helpful in business compliance requirements?

Both services help accomplish your business requirements. They both provide a registered agent service for a year with any business package you choose to avail of. 

Harvard Business Services can provide you Delaware franchise tax requirements and annual reports. Still, you need to contact them to determine the additional fixed price for such a service. Meanwhile, Northwest will offer you the same service at a reasonable price of $100.


Which registered agent offers the best services for business publication service?

Unfortunately, neither service providers offer publication services. 


You can find our top picks for registered agents here.

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