Top 9 Resources for Small Businesses in Wyoming

While Wyoming may not be a populous state, it is without doubt a good place for small businesses to thrive. This is thanks to the number of great resources available to small business owners. 

In this article, we will look at the resources that small businesses in the state of Wyoming can use to expand their business. 


1. Wyoming Small Business Development Center


The Wyoming SBDC network is a resource that helps entrepreneurs to start and grow the business. They work with self-employed individuals and businesses with more than 100 employees to provide the tools and expertise needed to take their businesses to another level.

The SBDC also uses its experience to help its clients apply for innovation funding to develop their invention or idea. What’s more, they have connections with government contractors to help expand your market. This means that you can sell your products and services to the local, state, and federal government agencies.

Another reason why we recommend the Wyoming SBDC as a small business resource is that they guarantee an average client sales growth of 34% and average client job growth rate of 16%. This is considerably higher than Wyoming average client sales growth rate of 5.7% and average client job growth rate of 0.7%.


2. Silicon Couloir

Silicon Couloir is another valuable resource that provides various programs to entrepreneurs with the aim to align entrepreneurship with the vision of the community. It seeks to promote a diverse Wyoming economy and a healthy environment for both the current and future generations.

Some of the programs offered by this resource include business crisis coaching, networking events, chance meetings, coworking space, unemployment information, and more. 

Business owners can also find valuable information on the Silicon Couloirs’ News and Blog section. Here, they can get informative articles on discussing the things that affect Wyoming entrepreneurs. 


3. Cheyenne SCORE

Whether you are a start-up or an existing small business, Cheyenne SCORE can provide you with the tools that you need to succeed in your industry. Cheyenne SCORE is an established resource that proves useful tools for both prospective and existing businesses.

Working in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE provides free mentoring and business advice to businesses from expert mentors. With this pool of information, entrepreneurs can increase their knowledge of business, making it easy for them to succeed.

Along with free mentoring, they also offer helpful tools like blogs, guides, templates, and the latest business trends available in their resource library. Their wealth of tool can help take your business to another level. 

Furthermore, SCORE hosts workshops and events to educate entrepreneurs on various business topics like management, finance, marketing, accounting, and more. The free or low-cost business training is a great opportunity to connect with other business owners in the community. 


4. Wyoming Women’s Business Center

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for tools and resources to grow your business, then the Wyoming Women’s Business Center (WWBC) is worth considering. The WWBC seeks to enable and empower women entrepreneurs in Wyoming, especially those that are socially or economically disadvantaged. 

It has various programs like artist development, business counseling, microfinance, and more. Another benefit of this resource is that it offers training and financial literacy courses in a bid to help women entrepreneurs become self-sufficient. It achieves this by promoting equality and economic justice in the state of Wyoming. 


5. Facebook Groups

Unknown to most people, Facebook groups can be great resources to connect with other entrepreneurs and grow your small business. Some of the Facebook groups to look out for in the state of Wyoming include:


This networking group is an ideal choice for women in Wyoming who want to access a resource of information to grow their small business. In this Facebook group, women entrepreneurs get to connect with fellow women and market their business. 

It offers the perfect opportunity to know what is happening in the community, learn about upcoming events, and even get referrals for business. 


This Cheyenne-base group comprises a group of entrepreneurs who use networking to market their businesses. Typically, the group holds events where business people meet up with like-minded people and have fun as they discuss business ideas. Through these casual meet-ups, entrepreneurs can get new business ideas from other professionals in the industry. 


6. Meetup Groups

Other than Facebook groups, meetups are another way to meet with like-minded individuals and connect professionals. In Wyoming, there are several meetups that entrepreneurs can take advantage of to expand their business network. Here are some that we recommend:


Just as the name suggests, this meetup focuses on educating small business owners on personal finance. Offered in various locations in Wyoming, this meetup explores how best entrepreneurs can grow and protect their money while still making connections with like-minded entrepreneurs.  This is especially useful for start-ups and small businesses. 


The Cheyenne Business Network is another exceptional meetup that lets business owners and entrepreneurs build their clientele. The group meets every second Tuesday of each month at the Dominno’s Pizza where they have a quick lunch and do presentation on business interests. Besides, members are encouraged to bring along their business cards to exchange with other members. 


The mission of this meetup group is to inspire and improve the lives of professional women in Cheyenne. It aims to create a professional yet friendly environment where business women can connect with other small business owners without feeling intimidated. This makes it easier for entrepreneurs to venture out and market their businesses to other Wyomingites. 


Wyoming has numerous resources that small business owners can take advantage of. All the above resources can help you find success and enable your business reach to the next level. While we recommend all the above resources, you just need to identify the best small-business resource that will work best for your business. 

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