How to Resign as a Registered Agent in Nevada

Whether you like it or not, some good things are not meant to stay forever, and that may include your career as a registered agent. Whatever your reasons are; from a change in your priorities to a change of location, you have to resign correctly and legally.  As a registered agent, you play a vital role in your Limited Liability Company (LLC). You are responsible for the handling of confidential documents. Thus, it is crucial to follow the necessary resignation procedures. If not, you can leave your employer with unplanned consequences such as heavy penalties or fines. The worst scenario that can play out is that you can be individually liable. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid these, and these steps are not as complicated as you might have thought. 


Resigning as a Registered Agent in Nevada


#Step 1: Notify the LLC in Nevada

When you withdraw from your duties as a registered agent, you have to notify two entities – the Limited Liability Company and the State’s Secretary. The NRS 77.370 orders you to promptly inform your Limited Liability Company as soon as you have finished filing your resignation. Although you are not obliged to provide your company early notice, it often helps when you do so. Providing your Limited Liability Company colleagues enough time to plan the shift helps them avoid unforeseen penalties.


#Step 2: Submit your registration

 You need to submit two forms to officially resign – Customer Order Form and Resignation Statement. If you omit one of these forms, your resignation will be rejected. 

For the Resignation Statement, list each of the company’s names, the name/address of the representative to whom you’ll send the notice, and the company’s entity number, and then sign at the bottom of the Resignation Statement. You can submit through mail, through fax, or by going in person. You need to know that you will need to pay the required administrative fee for processing your resignation. The fee depends on the number of entities you wish to resign from as a registered agent, you will pay 100 dollars as the processing fee to resign from entity one, and 1 dollar each for any additional entity you are resigning from.   

Customer Order Form is needed for all Nevada Corporation filing; including resignations. To complete this form, fill in the following information: 

  • LLC name
  • Date
  • Address and contact name for the delivery return
  • Processing type
  • Options for return delivery
  • Payment type
  • Order description

Note that the time required to process a Nevada registered agent resignation usually takes about five working days, however, the service can be delivered faster if you are willing to pay extra: 25 dollars for 1-day processing, 500 dollars for 2-hour processing, and 1000 dollars for 1-hour processing. 


#Step 3: Withdraw from your agent responsibilities

When you officially resign from your job position, someone else needs to take charge. Otherwise, your limited liability company will lose its excellent records with the state. So, it would be nice of you to help your LLC stay afloat by resigning responsibly. Your resignation starts by looking for a qualified successor who is more than ready to take your role right away. You have to evaluate and carefully assess whether the person you recruit or refer can equal or top your performance as a registered agent. A seemingly unnoticeable gap in agent coverage may lead to severe penalties. After you have done your task in passing on your duties to your successor, you will have to stay on call for thirty-one days because the limited liability company will need thirty more days to orient the new agent.

It should be spelled out that the successor or the new agent cannot just be anyone. He/She must 

  1. Be an individual or Business based in Nevada
  2. Have a physical address (not PO Box) in Nevada
  3. Be Physically present at the registered business address during office hours to receive legal and official mails.



As a registered agent, you play a vital role in your limited liability company. Hence, you must follow the necessary resignation procedures. Otherwise, you; who is a registered agent, and your LLC might find yourself in hot water.


FAQs for Resignation as a Registered Agent in Nevada

Do I, as a Registered Agent in Nevada, need to inform the Company I work for before I  File my Resignation 

No, after you have submitted the Statement of Resignation of Registered Agent to the Secretary of State in Nevada, you need to then send a written note of the day that you filed your resignation, and all entities you are leaving.


Would I need to make a payment in order to Resign from my duties?


Yes, you will pay a fee of 100 dollars to resign as a Nevada registered agent for the very first entity you are resigning from, subsequent entities will cost an additional $1 each.


Do Registered Agents in Nevada submit a Resignation Request Online?


No, filing for the resignation of registered agents in Nevada is not available online at the moment.


Resignation of a Nevada Registered Agent takes how long to be processed?


The normal filing time for the resignation of a Nevada registered agent is five working days. However, processing can be made faster if you can pay for additional service fees:


  • One day is 25 dollar 
  • Two hours is 500 dollar
  • One hour is 1,000 dollar


If I resign as a Nevada Registered Agent, how long does it take for my resignation to be effective?

Nevada registered agent’s resignation is effective when a new registered agent is appointed or starting from the 31st day after the statement of resignation is filed.

Can I resign as a company’s registered agent in Nevada when it is still working?

Nevada state law has laid down that Corporations and LLCs must maintain a registered agent during the life of the company. If for a reason, a company does not have a registered agent for thirty straight days, such a company can be dissolved administratively.