How to Change a Registered Agent in Colorado?

In Colorado, like in almost all the other states, you need a registered agent to receive the various official documents, tax forms, and even summons that may be sent to your corporation. It’s a crucial job, which is why it’s mandatory in most states. You can’t start and run a business in Colorado without a registered agent.


Who Can Be a Registered Agent in Colorado?

Before you replace your current agent, you need to think about the replacement so you enjoy a smooth transition. For the agent you need, several requirements must be met. First of all, they can be any of the following:

  • An individual adult (at least 18 years old) who is a resident of Colorado
  • A business entity (such as a professional registered agent service) based in Colorado
  • A foreign registered agent business entity that’s authorized to do business in Colorado

Whether it’s an individual or a business entity, the agent must also have a Colorado street address. This means a physical location, in which there will always be someone to receive the official documents for your corporation during business hours. It can’t be just a P.O. box.


Steps to Change Registered Agent

Changing a registered agent in the State of Colorado can be done in one of these 3 ways: by submitting a Change Statement, by submitting a Correction Statement (in a case where your original document was incorrect), or by revising your periodic reports (during periods when reports are made). You can look at the Secretary of the State of Colorado FAQ webpage for more information.

To change your registered agent in the State of Colorado, the easiest method is to file for a Change Statement for changing registered agent which can be completed online. The new registered agent you’re employing will need to give consent, you’ll be required to tick a box next to the Change Statement as a confirmation of their consent.

There are times when you may be employing a new registered agent close to the Periodic reporting time, as the State of Colorado requires LLCs to submit yearly periodic reports during the yearly quarter the LLC was formed. For example, if your LLC was established in the month of March, your periodic report period will fall from January to March. You can find more details about periodic reports in the State of Colorado at this link. If you’re changing your Registered agent during this period, you can simply revise the information of your registered agent in the periodic report.

In a situation where you included a wrong detail about your registered agent in the Articles of Organization or the periodic report, you can simply apply for the Correction Statement for Correcting the details of Registered Agents to correct the mistake.

You’ll be required to make a payment of 10 dollars through Credit Card when you file for any of the documents needed to change the registered agent of a business in the State of Colorado.


Info to Put In

You will be required to enter the following information:

  • The name of your LLC, exactly as it appears on the file submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State. That means including the ending part of the name, such as XYZ, LLC or XYZ, a Limited Liability Company.
  • The name and complete business or residential address of your previous registered agent.
  • The name and complete business or residential address of your new registered agent.

The Secretary of the State of Colorado has made a comprehensive guide on how to fill the form online.


Submission Options

You can only submit the documents you file to change your registered agent in the State of Colorado online.


Should You Hire a Professional?

This will actually be a lot easier if you’re planning on sifting to a professional registered agent service. The best ones offer exemplary service at extremely reasonable rates. Often, you’re able to download the needed forms with pre-filled information about the service to save time and effort. Northwest Registered agent is one of the most popular companies for this job.

With professionals, you know for sure the job gets done right. They usually have online storage for all the official documents. When they receive the documents for the corporation, the service will immediately scan them so they can send you the digital copies right away. The documents will also be conveniently stored in the same online location as your other business documents, like your formation documents.

Professionals may even maintain a compliance calendar, warning you way ahead of time when you should file a report or comply with some requirement with a deadline. That means you virtually eliminate the risk that you’ll fail to comply with any sort of compliance requirement. Such a failure may lead to fines and penalties, and perhaps even to the dissolution of your corporation. Reinstating your LLC can be a huge hassle, and it’s like starting the formation process for your LLC all over again.

So, if you’re going to change your registered agent in Colorado, you may as well do yourself a favor and switch to a good registered agent service. With the benefits you get with the low costs, you’re able to focus more on growing your business instead.

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