ZenBusiness vs. Swyft Filings: Which one is Better in 2022?

Many companies around the US provide Limited Liability Company services to those who are planning on starting their own business. ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings are among the top choices in the USA. However, their services differ a lot in terms of pricing, value, and other aspects. 

In this article, you will find a thorough contrast and comparison between ZenBusiness and Swift Filing to help you choose the right service. Continue reading below to know more. 


ZenBusiness is a company based in Texas and was formed in 2015. Of the several companies that provide LLC services, ZenBusiness has made its mark as one of the most notable companies in the industry of forming LLCs. Over its years of providing service, ZenBusiness has received numerous positive feedbacks from its customers.

Meanwhile, Swyft Filings is a company that has its headquarters based in Texas and was founded by an attorney in 2012. They have approximately 30,000 reviews, and most of them are generally satisfied with their services. The reviews often mention positive feedbacks on the right premium package, customer service, and credit card.


Overall Pricing and Value

ZenBusiness 10/10

ZenBusiness scores a 10/10 on this category. Compared to other LLC service providers today, ZenBusiness ranks near the top of the list regarding its pricing and value. The customer favorite is ZenBusiness’s Starter plan which costs only $39 and is inclusive of a registered agent’s service, full preparation, and filing of the paperwork of your company. It also offers a risk-free consultation with a CPA from the company.

For $149, you will be able to go for their Pro plan. This is what ZenBusiness boasts to be their most availed and most popular plan. With $110 more than the Starter plan, the Pro plan includes a banking resolution, an annual report managed by them, a service of compliance management, and an ID number of the federal tax.

The Premium package, which is ZenBusiness’s most expensive plan, costs $249 per year. There have not been many who availed of this plan. It is not as popular as the first two plans since the addons that this plan features come from a third-party company offers that only add relatively minimal value to the costs it costs entails and the overall package.

Zenbusiness’s Official Website


Swyft Filings 6/10

Although Swyft Filings offer plans at an attractive price, the overall value and benefits you gain are a bit underwhelming concerning their prices. At $49, their basic plan is $10 more compared to ZenBusiness. Although $49 is already a competitive price considering other services on the market, their basic plan does not include assistance in establishing your business and does not provide a company alert system.

At $149, their standard package is still quite competitive; however, when it comes to the deluxe package priced at $299, the value you get from the price you pay doesn’t add up. To avail of their registered agent service, you would have to pay an extra $149 per year. If this is added as a feature in the package, the value you get would have been worth it.

The features they show in their packages would make you think that you get what you pay for, but most of these are just fluff. Some of the features that they present are through a third-party company that you should always keep an eye out for. With that said, almost half of the features they offer in the Basic package are from third-party company offers.  

Swyft Filings’s Official Website


Track Record and Experience

ZenBusiness 8/10

This company is actually based in Austin, Texas, and was founded in 2015. Although the company has started recently and is considered one of the newbies in providing Limited Liability Company services, ZenBusiness has made its way to the top among its competitors through modern technology. A lot of its processes are fully automated, thus they need less staff to operate, and this means that they can offer their services at a lower price. 

Ever since their launch up to this date, ZenBusiness has already provided services to thousands of businesses. They claim that in the next five years, they aim to reach about a million companies. 

Almost every feedback from ZenBusiness’ is positive. Garnering about 3,000 reviews, most of them state positive comments about the services of ZenBusiness.



Swyft Filings 8/10

This company was founded by an attorney in 2012. Swyft Filings entered the scene of business formations relatively recently compared to other companies in the field. 

Their primary advantage is in their customer reviews. This is perhaps one of their major selling points with almost 30,000 reviews online. Furthermore, 90% of those reviews give Swyft Filings a rating of 4-5 star ratings. 

Customers of Swyft Filings often mention in their reviews the vital support they get from the company. Often, the reviews indicate the names of the staff that helped them. Some also said how convenient it is to avail of their services, often demonstrating the simplicity of their processes and less hassle. 

To sum it up, despite being new to the business formation industry, Swyft Filings has made a mark as one of the most trusted companies that provide Limited Liability Company services, as often mentioned in their customer reviews.


Customer Service

ZenBusiness 8/10

You can reach the customer support of ZenBusiness through phone calls, via their email address, or by webchat. The three options of customer service are very responsive and offer accurate information. Their claims said that responses would be delivered in one business day, but they typically respond in a few minutes according to recent reports. 

With regards to the quality of the support they give to their customers, all of their agents are highly knowledgeable and can answer any concern you might have relating to your business and their services.


Swyft Filings 8/10

Swyft Filings’ customer support is available from 10 AM to 7 PM on weekdays. You can reach their customer support via phone, webchat, or email. According to reports, their response time is awe-inspiring as they respond almost instantly. The quality of their answers, however, were simple and very basic. 

One report on their chat support says that their staff responded immediately and answered the questions directly; however, the answers were quite general, simple, and was not expounded. They typically respond to email inquiries in a few hours, albeit the answers they provide were just as simple as those you would get in their chat support. 

Still, their quick response time is to be taken into consideration, especially since other companies in the field usually reply in about 24 hours or one business day. The same thing can be said in their phone support. You need only wait for about a minute or so, and then you will be connected to their staff who will answer your questions directly and concisely. 

Overall, their fast response to any channel of customer service that they provide is highly appreciated by its customers. They don’t extend their conversations or cross lines just to make sales. The quality of their responses is something that could be improved upon since none of their staff in all channels answered the questions in-depth but rather in a very concise and direct manner.


Ease of Use

ZenBusiness 10/10

There are plenty of factors to consider when starting a business, and a newbie who isn’t very familiar with business processes may find it stressful and confusing. For these reasons and several others, using services provided by companies like ZenBusiness come in handy.

The main reason behind forming a Limited Liability Company is the convenient, hassle-free, and time-saving process it entails. Compared with other business service providers, ZenBusiness does more of the menial and hard work for you. 

Only a few minutes of your valuable time is needed to fill out the forms required, and the instructions are relatively simple and very understandable. First, you need to decide what package you want, then fill out a few necessary information regarding you and your business, and ZenBusiness will do the rest of the work. They also offer you third-party features, which is something you should generally be wary of, but they aren’t very pushy with these offers. 

Swyft Filings 6/10

First, you select a package and any add-ons you want; then you proceed to the application process, which takes about 10-15 minutes tops. 

Please take note that they do not offer a registered agent service in any of their packages, unlike ZenBusiness and the other companies in the field. There are numerous benefits to having a registered agent, significantly since it adds security to your personal information. There is an option to add a registered agent service; however, the process of doing so is confusing.

After deciding on those previous options, they will offer you an opportunity to include a permit package and a business license in your business formation. This feature is in line with any requirement from the federal, local government, and state which permits, licenses, and registrations that your business may need to operate. You only need to fill out the applications they send to you and submit them to your state. 


Speed of Formation

ZenBusiness 8/10

Almost every other LLC service providers base their speed of formation on how the state processes the formations. With ZenBusiness, this is not the case.

The speed at which a customer’s business can be formed is dependent on the package they select. In the Starter plan, ZenBusiness will develop your business in about 3-4 weeks. The Pro plan business formation will take about two weeks, and for those who choose the premium, it will only take less than a week or about 3-5 days. Although ZenBusiness specifies it, the state in which you will form your business can influence the time frames a bit so if you need an accurate estimate, you should contact your state.


Swyft Filings 9/10

Swyft Filings are dedicated to processing your documents within the day or the next day. This doesn’t imply faster processing when it reaches the state, but it guarantees that your documents will be submitted to your formation state in less than 24 hours. 

Swyft Filings offer a rush service with a corresponding additional expense depending on your state’s expediting choices. They will actually provide you with an estimate as to how long your business will be formed, depending on your formation state. Considering everything, Swyft Filings is very competitive when it comes to the speed of formation.


Common Questions

What are the disadvantages and advantages of using their service?

 The biggest advantage of using ZenBusiness is their affordable rates and the inclusion of many more benefits than those of their competitors.

 Meanwhile, Swyft Filings’ most significant advantage is its customer satisfaction reviews. This indicates that the services this company has provided have been proven and consistent in its years of service.


What is their Refund Policy?

 Should you decide to use ZenBusiness in forming a Limited Liability Company, you should consider all the decisions first because their refund policies are quite confusing and are explained oddly.

 On the other hand,  Swyft Filings boast of an acceptable refund policy compared to its competitors. Their satisfaction guarantee offers a 100% refund for your money for any reason you might have, and they don’t even charge you a processing fee.



Both companies have their own amazing offers that you’d want to consider. In terms of pricing, ZenBusiness proved to be the better choice. But if you’re more geared toward the speed of formation, then we recommend going for Swyft Filings instead.

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