ZenBusiness vs CorpNet :Find Which One is Right for you?

Service Comparison: CorpNet Versus ZenBusiness

Are you looking for the best way to form your new corporation or LLC without going through the nitty-gritty of the entire process? If so, then you might want to consider investing in a formation service such as ZenBusiness or CorpNet. 

ZenBusiness and CorpNet are two of the most trusted formation service providers to date. Both companies offer top-notch assistance for entrepreneurs who are looking to form their businesses. 

In this brief review and service comparison, you will find a breakdown of how each service performs in varying aspects such as pricing, track record, customer support, speed of formation, and ease of use. It will also include the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the 2 companies.


Company Track Record and Overall Experience

Both ZenBusiness and CorpNet are among the biggest companies in their industry. They have provided top-quality service to hundreds of entrepreneurs. However, CorpNet has a great advantage when it comes to having a well-renowned good track record as they have been around for a longer time than ZenBusiness.

  • ZenBusiness

Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness has already formed thousands of business ventures despite being around for only a few years. This young formation company has a goal of forming over a million more corporations and LLCs in the next five years. 

ZenBusiness also has hundreds of raving reviews online from customers. The majority of their clients are fairly satisfied and would likely recommend the company to others.

ZenBusiness’s Official Website


  • CorpNet

Although CorpNet was officially established in 2005, their group of ownership has been in the business since 1997. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the company has ample experience in the incorporation industry. The company has offered quality formation services to over 100,000 business entities since its foundation. 

Just like ZenBusiness, CorpNet boasts itself of having exceptional customer feedback. They have hundreds of customer reviews across the web which are mostly positive. In fact, about 98% of online reviews for CorpNet are four or five stars.

CorpNet’s Official Website



In terms of track record, CorpNet is the winner. It can be difficult to conclude which one of them is better, but the winner would have to be CorpNet, given the years of service and the number of positive client reviews CorpNet has.

However, this doesn’t mean that ZenBusiness’s reputation is sub-par as the company has an exceptional track record as well. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a formation service with solid years of experience in the industry, then CorpNet is the way to go.


Features and Price Points

CorpNet and ZenBusiness both offer top-notch formation services through arrays of feature-rich packages. The two companies offer various service packages that include generous features and inclusions. However, the price difference for each package ZenBusiness and CorpNet offers are noticeable.


  • ZenBusiness 

If you are looking for a formation service that offers excellent services at budget-friendly price points, then ZenBusiness is the one to check out. 

For as low as $39, you can have your business formed. The company is known for offering the cheapest price for incorporation hence why loads of start-up businesses choose to use them. 

ZenBusiness’s Starter package comes with an array of services including business formation, corporate bylaws, registered agent service, and a free consultation with ZenBusiness’s in-house CPA. 

ZenBusiness also offers a $149 package which includes added yearly report service, banking resolution, compliance monitoring, as well as a federal tax ID number.


  • CorpNet

For entrepreneurs who are looking for a formation service that can guarantee quality service, CorpNet is one of the top companies to go for. However, if you are looking for a formation service that can help you out at a more budget-friendly rate, then you might want to skip this company. 

Given CorpNet’s years of experience and impeccable track record, its service price points are considered steeper than ZenBusiness. Additionally, you should take note that the company charges a separate shipping fee of $29 for every order. 

CorpNet offers a Starter package which is priced at $108 and it only includes a 60-day trial service of a registered agent. If you want to use a registered agent service for a year, then you will have to purchase the Deluxe package which costs $228, or the Complete package which costs $278.



In this category, ZenBusiness is the winner. This company is the only one in the industry that helps entrepreneurs form their business for only $39. Moreover, if you compare their package prices to CorpNet’s packages plus the additional shipping fee, ZenBusiness’s pricing is considered just a fraction.


Customer Support

Customer service is a crucial factor to be considered when using a formation service. Given that both ZenBusiness and CorpNet are two of the most popular formation services to date, their performance when it comes to providing adequate customer support should be evaluated carefully.


  • ZenBusiness

The company offers customer support via email, phone, as well as a live chat tab on their official website. With that said, ZenBusiness does well when it comes to providing enough support to its customers using all three mediums. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding their services, you’ll be happy to note that their live chat agents are known to answer queries promptly and do so in a friendly and polite manner. 

It’s also the same when it comes to their email support, offering answers within 24 hours of sending your initial email.


  • CorpNet

CorpNet takes pride in providing top-quality customer support. By being in the business for years, the company has definitely developed a more reliable and satisfactory customer service. They have a team of dedicated customer service representatives which clients can reach through web chat, phone, and email. 

CorpNet’s agents are known to respond quickly to questions, and they do so with friendly and helpful attitudes. They are knowledgeable about their services and what’s more is that they offer bilingual customer support which is impressive.

If you go through CorpNet’s client reviews online, many people are fairly impressed by the company’s customer support.



In terms of customer service support, both ZenBusiness and CorpNet do well and are capable of handling their clients’ concerns swiftly and efficiently. Their agents are knowledgeable and have a friendly attitude that make them approachable.


Ease of Use

When choosing a formation service for your business, it is important to pick one that offers straightforward and uncomplicated procedures. Given that not everyone is keen on how the entire formation process works, using a service provider that can provide optimum assistance is crucial.


  • ZenBusiness

The company is well-renowned for providing clients with a more simplified approach to each aspect of the business formation process. You only have to choose one of their service packages and provide a couple of basic information about your business and yourself and you’re pretty much set. 

Clients will have an easier time making their company formation possible as ZenBusiness offers a less backbreaking process for their clients. They also make clients understand each aspect as much as possible. 

However, one downside is that they tend to heavily promote several third-party offers and upsells.


  • CorpNet

CorpNet ensures that their clients know exactly what they’re paying for, with no hidden fees whatsoever, by providing them with a real-time price tab. This shows their clients and potential clients the total cost of their availed package.

While their prices tend to be pricier than that of ZenBusiness’, their transparency with the costs is considered always a good thing. Moreover, filling out the order form takes no more than 15 minutes, allowing their clients to proceed with the formation process within the day.

However, one downside is that they charge their clients an additional $79 if they choose to not use the company’s registered agent service.



In this category, both service providers do well but with some downsides. Both ZenBusiness and CorpNet are easy to use and they put great effort into keeping the entire formation process simple for business owners.


Turnaround Times

Out of all the factors you need to take into account when choosing a formation service, the turnaround time or speed of formation is probably one of the most important.

If you are looking to have your business formed in a set timeframe, then you need to choose a service that can guarantee speedy turnaround times.


  • ZenBusiness

The turnaround times with ZenBusiness vary with every package which is unique since most formation services base their turnaround times on the state their client’s business belongs to. 

With the Starter package, you will get around a 3 to 4-week turnaround and around 1 to 2-week for the Pro package. Their Premium package, on the other hand, will give you around 3 to 5-day turnaround times.


  • CorpNet

CorpNet is upfront with its speed of formation. Clients will see the estimated formation turnaround times for each package the company offers respectively. Moreover, their turnaround times are based on the state your business is being formed in, thus, it can vary from a few days to several weeks. Lastly, CorpNet guarantees to prepare all necessary documents within 24 hours with its Deluxe and Complete package purchases.



Since slowing down or speeding up the formation process based on the clients’ availed package price is generally not a good move, CorpNet wins this as they base their formation speed on the state’s capacities rather than the price one pays.

Common Questions

  • Which one is the best service package offered by these service providers?

By far, ZenBusiness’s Starter package gives the most bang for the buck. At $39, you can kickstart your business’s formation process and you also get a registered agent service for free. This package is one of the most affordable ones in the incorporation industry. 

Moreover, the Starter package also includes corporate bylaws and an expert assessment from one of ZenBusiness’s in-house CPAs. 

  • What are the biggest perks each formation service offers?

One of the most obvious advantages ZenBusiness offers among its competitors is its reasonable price points. Their Starter package which is priced at $39 is unmatched and it is what attracts thousands of entrepreneurs into using their service.

CorpNet, on the other hand, has impeccable experience and track record in the incorporation industry. The company has been in the business for years and many entrepreneurs choose to use their service despite their steep pricing. 

  • Do ZenBusiness and CorpNet allow clients to get refunds?

ZenBusiness has a strict refund policy wherein clients can no longer file for a refund once the company has sent the client’s business for filing with their respective state. However, if you were able to contact them before your business was filed, the company can allow you to file for a refund with a $50 cancellation fee.

CorpNet, on the other hand, has an impressive refund policy; they offer clients a 60-day money-back guarantee if they are unsatisfied with their service. Additionally, when you file for a refund, they don’t impose any cancellation or processing fee. 

  • Which of the two services offers the best assistance with ongoing compliance requirements?

Both ZenBusiness and CorpNet offer an array of features that can help clients’ corporations or LLCs stay in favorable standing with their state government. 

CorpNet offers a registered agent service and annual reports for varying costs. ZenBusiness also offers these services at a much cheaper rate. 

  • I need to use a publication service, which of the two services should I pick?

Given that some states require business owners to publish their corporation or LLCs, it is important to choose a formation service that offers excellent publication service. The good news is both ZenBusiness and CorpNet offer publication assistance to their clients.

Not all formation services out there offer to handle their client’s business publication. Therefore this service is a massive bonus for both service providers.

  • Which of the two service providers push a lot of third-party partnerships or upsells?

If you are easily annoyed with upsells and third-party service offers, then CorpNet is the better option for you. 

Although ZenBusiness pushes a few upsells and third-party offers, they don’t go overboard with it. Moreover, numerous formation services do push upsells a lot harder than ZenBusiness.

  • Is using a formation service necessary?

Using a formation is not a legal requirement for business owners. In fact, many business owners were able to form their businesses without using any professional help from incorporation service providers. 

However, if you are looking to form your business with utmost convenience, then using a formation service would be a practical investment. 



It is an undeniable fact that both ZenBusiness and CorpNet are excellent service providers in the incorporation industry. Both services offer highly competitive service packages that are packed with features that help entrepreneurs form their businesses in no time. On the other hand, both service providers also have their downsides which you need to take into account. 

Depending on your needs and budget, both ZenBusiness and CorpNet have unique perks to offer. Therefore, it’s best if you consider carefully what each service provider has to offer and base your decision on whether or not what they offer meets your specific needs as a business owner.

Hopefully, this guide was able to provide you with some insight into these two companies and, therefore, allow you to make a more informed decision. 

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