3 Top-Rated LegalZoom Incorporation Service Alternatives in 2023

LegalZoom is an online company that assists its clients in making legal papers for multitudes of purposes without requiring them to hire an attorney. Such documents include living trusts, wills, registrations, copyright, documents for business formations, and applications for trademarks. 

The online company also provides referral lawyers and top-quality registered agent services. LegalZoom is also a disruptive pioneering developer in the technological market, especially in terms of legal services.


What makes their services high-quality?

They employ professionals whose efforts optimize their platform through computer software to offer top-tier and accessible yet affordable legal services. Their quality assistance has been recognized by the business press and the ABA or the American Bar Association. LegalZoom acknowledged the benefits and convenience brought by technology in catering to the needs of its customers. It does not only show accuracy but also aids in faster, smoother processing. 

Moreover, LegalZoom’s legal tech also results in more affordable price ranges for the set of services they render that are usually costly when charged by other lawyers. The company also declares to maintain its disruption benefits by widening its service access for people who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Why should you still choose an alternative?

Well, if you are strictly staying within your budget and cannot afford the amount of convenience they offer, it would be a good reason why you should choose a LegalZoom alternative. Also, you should only choose LegalZoom if you prefer legal assistance that is beyond the LLC formation. Lastly, choosing LegalZoom is much preferable if you feel more at ease availing of services from a well-known company. 

Though LegalZoom might be labeled as “affordable” compared to other more expensive services, undeniably, there are three other service providers who also offer similar quality but at a lower price. You can’t initially settle at a higher price if you have not started with the other options yet. They’re as follows:


1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness Company Details

ZenBusiness’s main office is located in Texas. They offer both corporation and Limited Liability Company services at a fair price. Features within their packages were reportedly taken into thoughtful consideration to give their customers all the necessities they need to finally start their businesses. So what’s the deal with ZenBusiness?


Why is ZenBusiness a great alternative for LegalZoom?

As a LegalZoom alternative, it is highly suggested to form an LLC with the first option which is ZenBusiness. One of the primary differences between these two top-tier online legal services is their pricing. ZenBusiness actually starts at thirty-nine dollars ($39) plus their state fees. 

On the other hand, LegalZoom’s starting price is seventy-nine dollars ($79) plus the additional state fees for the filing. Moreover, ZenBusiness focuses primarily on legal assistance and services that are beyond business formations, like providing lawyer help, advice for tax documentation, and immediate legal forms access.

While ZenBusiness provides one of the most affordable pricing sets in the business formations market, LegalZoom has more pricey formation packages. Well, in fact, LegalZoom even negotiated for a partnership with ZenBusiness to give businessmen and entrepreneurs the most practical deals and the best discounts they could offer. ZenBusiness packages for LLC also include the necessary assistance and essential features like:


  • Services provided by registered agents
  • Organization articles for filing
  • Operating permit
  • Accounting evaluation
  • Business compliance


Thus, if you ever need some alternative choices for an LLC forming, you will be happier to discover what you’re exactly searching for that suits your comfortable budget.


ZenBusiness Advantages

  • As mentioned earlier, ZenBusiness provides both corporation and limited liability company services at a discounted and fair price range.
  • ZenBusiness provides essential limited liability company features like the EIN agreement for operations, services provided by their registered agents, and many more.
  • ZenBusiness also offers worry-free compliance for its customer’s yearly report alerts for filing.
  • Their services also include a customer-friendly CPA examination in its most basic packages to assist their customers with their business taxes.

ZenBusiness Disadvantages

  • Since ZenBusiness is still new, it is not yet being acknowledged as much as its competitors.

Is it a fair deal? What is the overall conclusion?

Competing legal assistance providers charge their customers a lot of money for LLC benefits and services. So, if you have a tight budget, ZenBusiness is practical for you. However, you have to invest a little more time for other requirements, like registering for your EIN (Employer Identification Number), etc.

ZenBusiness’s Official Website


2. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Company Details

Rocket Lawyer is a subscription-based or membership type of legal service that is specially made for ongoing business necessities. They give their premium subscribers access to their legal advice and legal documents. So, this is the most ideal Limited Liability Company formation service for those business owners who need continuous legal assistance.

Why is Rocket Lawyer a great alternative for LegalZoom?

Rocket Lawyer is actually another brilliant LegaZoom alternative. It offers its clients satisfactory legal assistance at a discounted amount of three hundred forty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents ($349.99) plus the additional state fees. The regular cost is actually at six hundred and forty-nine dollars and ninety-seven cents ($649.97) plus the additional state fees. Their revised business bundle consists of practical features like:


  • Access to user-friendly legal templates
  • Incorporation free services
  • Relevant attorney’s advice
  • Further discounts and great deals


Other than having convenient access to their essential services, Rocket Lawyer also takes pride in their courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive customer support. Since good reviews shower their customer service, it is indeed important to acknowledge the fact that they were rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot.com.


Rocket Lawyer Advantages

  • Limited Liability company formation services are offered in bundles with all other essential legal services online. With Rocket Lawyer, customers can get continuous, efficient legal services for a fraction of an attorney’s cost.
  • Customers will have access to their huge library of user-friendly and quick legal forms such as the operations agreement.
  • Customers will receive 30-minute complimentary legal assistance for all their ongoing legal concerns. What’s best is that this can be done either through phone or online.

Rocket Lawyer Disadvantages

  • They are one of the most costly LLC formation services compared to all other LegalZoom alternatives because their service is primarily directed towards specific customers who have ongoing legal concerns.



Is it really a fair deal? What is the overall conclusion?

Overall, Rocket Lawyer is only practical for those business owners who need continuous legal support. Otherwise, other alternatives would suit your budget the most. On the optimistic side, if you’re looking for premium bundles, then Rocket Lawyer is a good investment too. They offer a bunch of advice and services beyond Limited Liability Company business formation. 

If you’re aspiring to form a real estate business, Rocket Lawyer suits your needs the most because real estate businesses require more legal forms and legal support for leasing, rental applications, and many more.

Rocket Lawyer’s Official Website


3. Inc Authority


Inc Authority Company Details

Inc Authority is also named Inc For Free. They are the only business and company formation assistant that has always been a diligent service provider to beginner entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1989. Inc Authority or Inc For Free also offers fundamental LLF business formation assistance at a discounted price. 

Yes, there may be more known, better legal service providers for various clients, but Inc Authority has its own advantages to offer too.


Why is Inc Authority a great alternative for LegalZoom?

If you’re a beginner entrepreneur or a small business owner, this company, along with its affordable fees, is also a great deal to make your legal processes easier and smoother. Inc Authority’s prices (with additional state fees) for their formation LLC service is a practical help to get you started with your ventures.

However, as a LegalZoom active competitor, the competence of Inc Authority allows them to receive a lot more positive client feedback compared to LegalZoom. LegalZoom’s reviews usually mention the company’s incompetence when it comes to communication and transparency. 

On the other hand, Inc Authority’s review tackles more about personalized and impressive customer service. Like Incfile and ZenBusiness, Inc Authority also provides a free whole year of service from their qualified and registered agent. This is included in their basic formation LLC package.


Inc Authority Advantages

  • Free Limited Liability Company formation (plus the additional state fees)
  • A free whole year of services from their registered agents
  • Client-friendly checkout system
  • Supportive and responsive customer support


Inc Authority Disadvantages

  • They use sales techniques that encourage customers to buy more than what they purchased. They urge business owners or even beginner entrepreneurs to discover more about their premium services in the hopes they might want to consider it.
  • Startup premium bundles are expectedly more costly than the other business service formation.

Inc Authority’s Official Website


Is it really a fair deal? What is the overall conclusion?


If you are a startup entrepreneur or a new business owner and are looking for a filing service that best suits your budget, then Inc Authority has free services that are perfect for you. You might need to start small, and Inc Authority’s services are the best investment you can make as a beginner. There are a lot of small business owners who still stick with Inc Authority even if they’ve already ventured for years. Some business owners are more comfortable sticking to one service provider than relearning the processes of the other.

Aside from their affordable services, at the end of every process, Inc Authority offers a twenty percent coupon if the customer will purchase some of their additional services. 

However, if you’re looking forward to long-term business development, it is best to try various alternatives that have a similar quality to Inc Authority. In that way, you will be able to gain first-hand experience of their pros and cons.


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