Incfile vs BizFilings: Which one is Better for You in 2022?

Incorporation Service Comparison

Are you looking for a service that makes the whole process easy for you? One that reminds you of when you need to handle compliance requirements? Well, that might not be that easy. After all, there are many online services out there vying to help you. 

In this review, we will compare two such services: Incfile and BizFilings. Which one of them should be the better option? To help give you a clear answer to that question, we’ll have a look at each of their own features, their own pros and cons, and what makes them better than most service providers in the same field.


First Impressions


They say first impressions last. While this may not be true in all cases, first impressions do put you in a positive frame of mind if they are good. This seems to be the case with the websites of the two contenders.


Here is Incfile’s landing page:


Meanwhile, this is what BizFilings’ landing page looks like:


Whereas the BizFilings website looks clunky and old fashioned, the Incfile website looks fresh, clean, and sparse (in a good way) with plenty of information and call-to-action buttons.


The first impression you can get is the curiosity to know more about Incfile. Their use of catchy colors and graphics help draw you into the website and keep you hooked. It certainly helps to have a small reminder about the positive customer ratings on the Incfile landing page. 


All-in-all, Incfile has an uncluttered and attractive website that draws you in and gives you positive vibes. BizFilings could do well to update and modify their website to make it more pleasing to the eye.


Overall Pricing and Value

When deciding what to buy, one of the first things that everyone looks for is the price. How much is it going to cost? Will you get the best value for your money? 


In this area, the first thing that stands out is Incfile’s $0 + State Fees offer compared to the Basic package from BizFilings which is a whopping $99 + State Fees. This itself is more than enough to attract you to try out Incfile.


Some may feel that a low fee is equal to low quality or hidden costs. That does not seem to be the case. In other aspects, Incfile’s pricing seems to be much less than BizFilings. In fact, Incfile’s pricing seems among the lowest in the field. 


Here is a comparison of their pricing. The following are screen grabs from their websites which show the package pricing to incorporate an LLC in the state of Alabama. However, if you notice, the prices are not all that different even though Incfile is not as pricey as BizFilings.


Incfile’s pricing:


BizFilings’ pricing:



Clearly, Incfile wins in terms of pricing.

Both Incfile and BizFilings have three packages. Incfile has Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. On the other hand, BizFilings has a Basic, Standard, and Complete package. While Incfile pushes the Gold – their mid-range package – BizFilings pumps for the Complete which is their premier package. 


However, both providers advertise their premier packages, the Platinum and Complete packages, as their “Best Value” packages. A closer inspection shows that there is not much of an advantage in going for the premier packages as the mid-range packages cover most of the options.


If we do a comparison of the package prices without any extras, this is what we get. To incorporate an LLC in the state of Alabama, Incfile’s Siver, Gold, and Platinum packages would cost you $215, $364, $514 while the BizFilings prices for the same in their Basic, Standard, and Complete packages is $282, $412, and $552 respectively. In all cases, Incfile does provide a lower price.


Both providers facilitate the filing of C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs, DBAs, non-profit entities, and more. Also, both of them provide services for Name Amendment and they both offer hand-holding throughout the whole process.


Company Track Record & Experience

Both companies have been in the industry for quite a while, though BizFilings has been in the industry way longer. IncFile is relatively a newcomer, with least than a decade of experience in the field. However, it doesn’t mean that they weren’t able to make good first impressions on their customers.


Let’s have a look at each of their track records:

IncFile (Full Review):

  • Incfile was founded in 2004
  • LinkedIn lists them as having 11-50 employees
  • The company has helped more than 500,000 clients
  • They offer the following types of filings: C Corporations, S Corporations, Doing Business As (DBAs), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and more.
  • Ratings
  • Shopper Approved: 4.8/5 (10,000+ reviews)
  • Trustpilot: 4.2/5 (50+ reciews)
  • Better Business Bureau: A+/ 4.6/5 (100+ reviews)

BizFilings (Full Review):

  • BizFilings was founded in 1996
  • LinkedIn lists them as having 501-1000 employees
  • They have helped over 500,000 clients
  • They offer the following filings: C Corporations, S Corporations, Doing Business As, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and more.
  • Ratings: 
  • Better Business Bureau: A+ (1 review)
  • BirdEye: 4.5/5
  • Yelp: 2/5 (4 reviews)

Customer Service

BizFilings takes pride in its 24/7 customer service. Incfile also has good customer service. However, maybe due to their popularity, it can be sometimes difficult to get hold of their customer service, though they do respond if you leave a message for them. 


This difficulty in getting hold of Incfile’s customer service seems to be a common issue. The provider may need to look into this issue seriously so that customers will be able to get timely help when they need it. 


From different websites, it seems that both the service providers have friendly, responsive, and very helpful customer service teams consisting of experts. Incfile reportedly responds to and resolves at least 40 percent of all of their customer issues which is much higher than the competition.


Ease of Use

Both service providers seem to suggest that their services are very easy to use. On their website, Incfile says that their service is “The Fastest & Easiest Way To Start Your Business”. They even claim that they can help you start your own business with just 4 simple steps.


Meanwhile, on BizFilings’ website, they start with the slogan “The Smart Way to Start your Business”, listing out some of their services and some customer profiles.


The mere fact that both providers have served over more than 500,000 customers shows that they are reliable and legitimate services that provide exactly what they promise. But, to the credit of Incfile, they have only been in business since 2004 as compared to BizFilings which has been in the market since 1996. 


Besides this, both providers have A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is a testimony to the quality of services they provide. One thing to take note of: online reviews for BizFilings are hard to come by as there are very few compared to Incfile. This is surprising since BizFilings has been in the field for a much longer time. 


Another noteworthy feature seems to be the number of reviews to achieve the rating. In all cases, Incfile has many more reviewers as compared to BizFilings, and this alone seems rather strange.


The Incfile website has a link to Shopper Approved which gives them an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 from a whopping 19,285 ratings and still counting!



Speed of Formation

It may not be possible for any service to expedite or speed up the functioning of government departments or expedite the completion of the incorporation process. The only thing they can speed up is the time they take to file your application. 


Incfile offers a full refund if you cancel before they file your application. However, it takes them only 24 hours to do that which is pretty fast. They will charge you for any expenses they may have incurred. Moreover, if you cancel after the 24-hour window, you may have to forfeit $30 as well.


On the other hand, BizFilings has an option where they charge you for expediting the filing. However, this seems unrealistic and unjustified because state governments take their time to handle an application.

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of selecting one or the other.


Incfile Pros:

  • The biggest plus point is that they provide an inexpensive solution compared to others. This makes their service affordable.
  • No hidden costs; you pay for what you see and opt for.
  • Each of their packages includes one year of registered agent service for free. Even after that, their charges for a registered agent are the lowest in the field.
  • Incfile provides good phone and email support to allow you to track your documentation in real-time from the time you register until the time you get your documents.
  • Another plus is the secure online storage of all your documents in digital form, making them easier to access.
  • They provide convenient notifications reminding you of important deadlines so that you are always prepared for any eventuality.
  • Managing changes in your registered business name or registered agent is a snap with Incfile doing the heavy work.
  • For all their clients, they provide a free one-hour consultation with a certified tax consultant.
  • Their customer service staff is polite, professional, and helpful.
  • Incfile has online resources that anyone can access and use.
  • Their website is well designed and attractive, with a lot of useful, pertinent information.

Incfile Cons:

  • At times, it can be difficult to contact someone from their customer support. However, they do get back to you if you leave a message.
  • They do not have an option to create legal documents or contracts.
  • They have limited services in intellectual property matters.
  • They do not provide consultation with a lawyer nor do they have options to retain one.

IncFile’s Official Website

BizFilings Pros:

  • BizFilings was started by a serial entrepreneur in 1996. This makes them a service provider with a lot of experience behind them.
  • They are a respected and legitimate service provider in the field for over 20 years.
  • No hidden costs or extra charges.
  • They are there to help you right through your association with them.
  • BizFile has a lot of online information resources on all aspects of incorporating your business, which is available even to those who are not customers.
  • Their team of specialists is always on hand to help you with your queries.
  • They have a safe, secure website, so your information is safe and protected.

BizFiling Cons:

  • The biggest issue is its seemingly steep pricing. This could deter smaller businesses and startups. 
  • Some of their additional features and charges don’t seem to be justified. They have an additional ‘expediting fee’, but this seems a bit of a misnomer.
  • There is a lack of advice on legal issues.
  • Their website has information, but it can be overwhelming or just too much.
  • However, their website design leaves much to be desired. It is not very attractive and does not provide information intuitively.

Regardless of their differences, both BizFilings and IncFile gives you access to a number of services designed to help you start a business and maintain it. Some of these services that they share a similarity with include annual reports, EIN obtainment, foreign qualifications, and business license research.

BizFiling’s Official Website


One comparison gives Incfile a 4.4 rating while BizFilings gets a 4.0. Another source keeps them almost on par at 4+, leaning towards BizFilings. Both providers have their advantages and strengths and both of them have received A+ ratings from BBB. Both provide almost the same services with almost the same quality. Lastly, both of them have responsive, courteous, helpful, and professional customer service to help you. 


Without a doubt, Incfile’s pricing is a winner hand down. If you count the customer ratings and the fact that in a shorter period it has notched up 500,000-plus customers like BizFilings, the scales weigh heavily in favor of Incfile. The pricing factor is especially attractive to smaller businesses and startups, where initial funding is a problem.

However, ultimately it is for you to decide which provider you would like to select for your business filing.

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