3 Top-Rated Alternatives for Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Incorporation Services is undoubtedly one of the industry-leading formation services in the market to date. 

However, suppose for some reason you are not satisfied with the company’s offerings, support, or pricing. In that case, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can still find several exceptional service provider options. 

With that said, take a quick look at these top three Northwest Incorporation Services alternatives. All three are among the top providers in the industry, making them perfect alternatives to Northwest.


Top 3 Alternatives to Northwest Incorporation


  • Incfile

Incfile is among the top incorporation services renowned for having an extensive array of features in their packages.

This service provider has been the go-to incorporation service provider for many business owners. This is especially true for those on the lookout for a reliable formation service provider that offers pricing that won’t break their banks. 

Additionally, Incfile is also commended for its substantial experience and stellar reputation in the industry. This service provider is also highly sought-after because of its streamlined and hassle-free incorporation service. 

Incfile’s Pricing

Incfile is one of the leading incorporation services that offer affordable formation services in terms of price points. In fact, the company can help you form your business for as low as $0. 

Talking about Incfile’s $0-package, the company will provide you with the necessary formation service. Aside from this, you also get a free year of registered agent service, which is impressive and generous of them. 

Moreover, once the full-year free registered agent service is over, you can still avail of the service for a $119 annual fee which is undeniably a favorable price compared to others in the industry. 

Furthermore, when it comes to Incfile’s top-tier formation service package, the Platinum, you will receive all the features and services included in their Gold package and an added expedited formation service. 

Incfile’s Reputation

Established in 2004, Incfile is a Houston-based formation service with the primary goal of providing exceptional customer experience and unmatched value to business owners everywhere. 

Since the company’s foundation, they have already helped form over 250,000 businesses. In fact, they have grown their client base by an average of 200% in the last year. 

In terms of the service provider’s client feedback, Incfile boasts thousands of online reviews from their customers, and most of it is positive and in favor of the company. 

Although there are a handful of negative reviews, the positive ones are overwhelmingly numerous, thus, concluding that Incfile’s track record is mostly favorable.

Incfile’s Customer Support

Incfile currently offers email and phone support in their customer service section. The majority of customer reviews that tackled the company’s customer support said that many clients commended them for providing stellar service. 

Most customers who used Incfile’s phone support said they could quickly get a hold of one of their agents. 

However, though the company’s reps were polite and approachable, some customers noted that some responses were not as detailed as they hoped. 

On the other hand, in terms of Incfile’s email support, many customers said they could receive a response for their email inquiries within 24 hours. Unlike phone support, the reps’ responses in the email were a lot more thorough. 


Given the affordability, excellent track record, and good customer support Incfile provides, it is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Northwest Incorporation Services alternatives. 

Incfile’s Official Website


  • LegalZoom

LegalZoom is one of the most popular incorporation services to date for several excellent reasons. The company boasts its track record of having helped over 4 million clients form their business over several years. 

The formation service is still thriving and shows zero signs of business decline, which is why it is among the top-trusted service providers in its industry. 

Moreover, when talking about brand reach and recognition, LegalZoom is one, if not the top, of the leading player in its niche. 

LegalZoom’s Pricing

On the topic of formation service pricing, LegalZoom is not the most affordable on the list. Given the impeccable popularity and track record this incorporation service offers, their pricing isn’t much of an issue among clients looking for a top-notch service provider. 

LegalZoom currently offers their lowest-tier package at $79, which does not include the state filing fees necessary when incorporating. This package comes with the essential formation services as well as a turnaround timeframe of 30 days. 

The company also offers a Standard package priced at $329, with the state filing fee not included. This package comes with an array of features plus a 15-day turnaround timeframe. 

Lastly, LegalZoom’s Express Gold, which is their highest-tier package, is priced at $349. This package also comes with many service features and an impressive turnaround time of 7 to 10 days. 

LegalZoom’s Reputation

Established in 1999, LegalZoom is undeniably one of the exceptional formation services for experience and track record. Since its foundation, this service provider has helped form over 4 million clients. 

Given the company’s decades-long experience in the industry, it is safe to say that they are among the most trustworthy formation services out there. 

LegalZoom’s Customer Support

LegalZoom currently offers email and phone support in their customer service arsenal. However, many clients reported complaints about their support service not being as satisfactory as their competitors. 

Many customers who left a review about the company’s customer support said that the provider’s agents usually take a while to respond to their email queries. 

However, several people who reached out to the company via phone said that they could get in touch with their agents in no time. Their reps were knowledgeable and provided detailed responses as well. 

If customer support is a massive point of consideration for you, then LegalZoom may not be your best option. 


Despite the less than stellar customer support that LegalZoom provides, their impressive track record and decades-long experience are definitely something to appreciate. 

Thus, if you are looking for a service provider with unmatched experience apart from Northwest Incorporation Services, LegalZoom is the way to go. 

Legalzoom’s Official Website

  • ZenBusiness

If you have been searching for exceptional formation services on the web for a while, then you probably have bumped into ZenBusiness one way or another before. 

If you have, that is actually not a huge surprise as the company is one of the most sought-after formation businesses in the industry. 

ZenBusiness is widely popular for providing inclusive formation packages that are priced at reasonable price points. Additionally, this service provider is also known for its use and adaptation of modern technology to offer its clients services. 

ZenBusiness’s Pricing

For as low as $39, you can have your business formed with ZenBusiness’s Starter package. This package comes with essential incorporation services and features, plus an added service of a registered agent. 

ZenBusiness also offers a Premium package that comes with everything offered at the Starter package plus many upscale features such as expedited filing. 

Moreover, the company’s Premium package comes with various generous features, including rush filing, domain name privacy, business email address, and so much more. 

ZenBusiness’s Reputation

Established in 2015, ZenBusiness is relatively new to the industry. However, despite the company’s significantly shorter service experience period, it does not translate to the value they provide to their customers. 

The formation service team has definitely made a name for the company, given their impeccable modern technology adaptation. 

ZenBusiness utilizes automation to carry out several business services. This allows them to provide fast and exceptional formation services for a fraction of the cost of what their leading competitors offer. 

In terms of client feedback, ZenBusiness boasts over 4,700 customer reviews online, mostly positive towards the company. 

ZenBusiness’s Customer Support

ZenBusiness currently provides email, phone, and web chat support for their customers and prospects. 

The majority of customers who left reviews about the company’s customer service stated their appreciation of ZenBusiness’s effort to deliver impeccable support. 

Many people said they could quickly get a hold of the company’s agents via email and webchat. As per email support, numerous clients also said they could receive a detailed response for their email queries 24 hours. 


If you search for the ultimate Northwest Incorporation Services that essentially deliver everything you want a formation service to provide, ZenBusiness is a no-brainer option. 

Zenbusiness’s Official Website

Common Questions

Which of these formation services provide the best customer support?

Out of all the three service providers mentioned, ZenBusiness and LegalZoom win the category for top-notch customer support. Both companies provide exceptional response times and detailed answers to customer’s questions. 

Which company provides an excellent refund policy?

When it comes to refunds policy, LegalZoom is the landslide winner. The company provides customers with a 60-day leeway for customers to decide whether they’d get a refund or not. 

Do any of these services offer publication services?

Suppose you need a publication service for your newly-formed business. In that case, you should know that only ZenBusiness offers this service out of the three service providers mentioned in this guide. 



Now that you know the top alternatives for Northwest Incorporation Services, you should be able to pick one that delivers the features and services you need to form your business at the most favorable price point. 

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